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5 Genius Ways You Never Thought to Use Screen Sharing

If you’re like most people, you use screen sharing sparingly. You might use it for training, or to show a specific page or document. But with a little ingenuity, screen sharing can be an even more powerful tool. That’s because visual stimulation makes experiences more memorable and more persuasive.

This means that by designing your presentations and meetings visually, you can be more memorable and productive. Here’s how you can make that happen with screen sharing.

1. Virtual Whiteboard

Remote teams need a brainstorming canvas just as much as in-person teams do. Fortunately, there are now virtual whiteboards! Why not bring your team together around one of these via screen sharing? You might be surprised by the team spirit this tactic inspires.

2. Customer Onboarding

“Prevent trouble before it arises,” says ancient Chinese wisdom. Screen sharing is a highly effective way to preemptively address new customers’ confusion.

You don’t even need to require an onboarding call for all customers. If you offer the option, your less tech-savvy customers will comfortably self-select into your support queue. You’ll then be able to prevent early frustrations before they start. As a bonus, you’ll also get valuable feedback on your product’s user experience.

3. Data Visualization

When people see data changing before their eyes, it makes the data more interesting. As a result, you can create a lasting memory by sharing live data visualization.

For example, cybersecurity standards are notoriously hard to enforce. However, showing a realtime visualization of websites hacked today can evoke an emotion that drives home the importance of strong security.

4. Realtime Decision-Making

Marketing and creative teams often need to decide on images, slogans, colors, formats, and so on. But when you send options to team members via email, you can’t guarantee they’ll clear their heads to really think about what’s in front of them.

This is one situation in which screen sharing can add value. You can share your screen to bring people together around the options. Doing this also helps make sure everyone’s looking at the same options together.

5. Deeper Accountability

Again, visuals make memories. Something as simple as watching your name getting assigned to a task on-screen can reinforce your ownership. It’s basic brain science, but applying it goes a long way.

Harness This Power

Screen sharing is a popular tool, but many people don’t harness its power. When you apply it effectively, screen sharing can do a lot to catalyze focus and productivity. Why not use it to its full potential? Click here to get started.

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