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5 Team Building Ideas for Remote Co-Workers

Even when everyone’s in one office, bringing team members together isn’t easy. It takes time, creativity, and initiative. With virtual teams, though, it can be tougher to form real bonds. Here are our favorite ways to make that magic happen.

1. Fun Chat Channels

People will use the company’s chat app to discuss things that aren’t work-related. You can make this into a positive by guiding conversations toward topics the whole team can enjoy.

One approach is to create dedicated channels for fun topics, such as:

  • Pet pictures — post funny pictures of pets
  • Kudos — congratulate each other for professional and personal accomplishments
  • Humor — share funny quotes, pictures, and anecdotes
  • Food — foodies can exchange recipes or mouthwatering photos

2. Rotational Leadership

Letting team members take ownership of little things can have a big impact. It encourages healthy competition and helps people show leadership skills, even if they’re not managers.

For instance, rotational leadership possibilities can include:

  • Heading up the weekly virtual meeting
  • Planning a happy hour for team members located in the same city
  • Organizing an educational event
  • Giving a short talk about something the team member cares about

3. Team-Building Video Meetings

Loneliness tops the list of challenges remote workers face. Fortunately, workplace friendships don’t just help prevent loneliness; they’re also among the strongest predictors of productivity.

If your team is even partially remote, it is worth spending company time to build bonds between team members. It’s best to use video conferencing for this because 87 percent of remote workers feel more connected to their teams when they can use video.

Remote co-workers don’t always have a chance to bump into each other at the water cooler. But, it’s that kind of personal “what’d you do this weekend” sharing that helps employees find common ground. It would be a great idea to spend a few minutes at the start of each meeting to get those personal updates.

4. MTV Cribs: Remote Team Edition

Help Scout pioneered this ingenious and hilarious video-based team activity. Team members open up to each other by opening their homes or offices to each other—virtually speaking. To the pleasant surprise of Help Scout’s leadership, their team members really enjoyed showing off their favorite rooms!

5. Team Newsletter

Managing a creative team? Consider inviting someone to create a simple quarterly or monthly team newsletter. Around the winter holidays, it might feature employees’ best gift ideas. Come summer, it could showcase favorite vacation photos. As a result, team members can experience the passage of time together and enjoy an ongoing, seasonally relevant conversation.

Achieve Unity

In the end, effortless communication and deep collaboration make remote teams successful. Using quality virtual meeting software, like GlobalMeet, gives your team members the upper hand when it comes to effective communication.

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