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7 Techniques to Give Your Sales Pitch a Makeover

Tired of giving the same sales pitch? That means your prospects are sick of it, too. Now is the time to dismantle and revamp your pitch from the ground up using sales tools. Here are things you can do to start. Even if you only do a couple of them, you’ll see a big difference in how well you’ll hold prospects’ interest.

Screen Share

Did you know that about 65% of the population are visual learners? If you want to close the deal, you’ll need more than audio to capture a visual learner’s attention.

Share your screen to present live demos of your products and services. Choose what you want to share – whether your full screen, a single program or a presentation file to keep everyone on the same page and minimizing feature confusion or benefits.


If you’re still clicking through PowerPoint slides full of bullets, some people might be wondering if you’ve been living under a rock. By making presentation videos, you’re helping to create a more compelling, human, and engaging sales process.


Even with a fairly small group, a poll can work wonders. Try basing the poll on relevant data. For example, you can ask, “How much money can the average company save by implementing automation in HR, finance, and IT?”

Then, present a list of options, like “5%, 10%, 20%, or 30%.”

Finally, reveal the winners! (If you guessed 30%, you’re right!).

Celebrities (a.k.a. “Influencers”)

There are people with cult-like followings all around you. They might not draw crowds at Madison Square Garden, but they’re still recognizable. Tap your network for influencers who would consider partnering with you in a sales presentation.

Ask for 15 Minutes—and Only 15 Minutes

While everyone else is booking hour-long meetings, that slimmer-than-slim 15-minute calendar slot looks sharp, in the best way. Use that time to zero in on your most vital talking points, then keep your promise and let the prospect leave if they want to.

Yes, really.

You’ll end up being more memorable than the people who put everyone to sleep by droning on and on.


Give them something to remember you by in person or virtually. Whether it’s an e-book, a crazy price offer, or a technicolor golf ball, make it a signature item that no one else is giving out.

Smile for the Camera

Video conferencing tools build trust. If you’re still doing voice-only pitches, you’re depriving yourself of the sales tools that your competitors are using to their advantage. Here’s a high-performance conferencing tool that is free and doesn’t require any downloads.


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