Making Your Business Look Enterprise-Size

Has your business started roaring this year earlier than expected? Does it look to stay that way throughout the rest of the year? Welcome to 2020 and the new decade! 

You are likely facing a “David versus Goliath” competitive environment, especially if your business is emerging rapidly in the marketplace. Fortunately, new unified communications and collaboration technology can enhance employee agility, optimize team efficiency, and speed up productivity. 

Last Wednesday, renowned unified communications industry analyst Ira M. Weinstein of Recon Research and PGi’s very own Mark Roberts tag-teamed a webinar hosted by TechTalk Summits. Mr. Weinstein discussed emerging business growth pains, overcoming the “duct tape effect,” and technology benefits that compete well against large enterprise advantages. 

Thankfully, PGi recorded this webinar for your viewing availability. Watch it now and get inspired to compete more effectively in 2020. 

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