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Screen Sharing is Worth 1,000 Words

Imagine this: you’re getting your sea legs with a new digital tool. You’ve downloaded the application, tinkered with your settings, and done the default on-boarding tutorial. Still, you end up running into something that’s not intuitive for you. You’re looking for a feature that was promised to you, but you can’t find it.

What Would You Prefer to do Next?

  1. Comb through often-outdated documentation and tutorial videos looking for the answer to your problem.
  2. Hop on a 10-minute screen sharing session with a customer service representative.

Most likely, you’d prefer option two. And if you work in the SaaS space, you can bet your customers would prefer it, too. Yet, SaaS companies continue to spend countless employee hours creating documents that are no longer 100% accurate after only a few months.

This isn’t just a recipe for excessive re-work. It can also block continuous improvement. That’s because making a major change (even if it would be great for customers) requires updating the now-obsolete documentation.

Screen Sharing in 2020

In 2020, leaders will need to “think different.” One way to do this is to encourage customer service teams to embrace screen sharing and incorporate it into their workflow. This may not seem more efficient, but the saved time adds up. Screen sharing is faster than “flying blind” by trying to talk through a problem over the phone. It’s also more effective than presenting all customers with the same faceless instructions.

What’s Good for Your Customers Can Be Good for You, Too

We find that many customers try to resolve issues by themselves initially, and they often succeed. But when they don’t, they’re relieved and thankful when they can talk to a real person and see the problem solved on screen before their eyes. This builds loyalty.

Having screen sharing available at a moment’s notice isn’t just good for customers—it’s good for your employees, too. Easy-to-use, intuitive collaboration technology grows businesses by removing the friction caused by slow communication. Try screen sharing for yourself. 

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