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Viamedia Bridges Office Communication Using GlobalMeet

In 2001, seven entrepreneurs met at a library and envisioned Viamedia: a cross-media advertising platform to connect cable TV audiences with local advertisers.

Today, Viamedia’s employees work in 70 different cities. Collaboration remains the “secret sauce” that catalyzes growth and prosperity at the company. Every day, hundreds of hours of creative collaboration happen across the globe among Viamedia’s staff, customers, and partners. Here’s why GlobalMeet is the platform Viamedia has chosen to support them.

Time-Saving, Intuitive Design

When evaluating solutions, Viamedia leadership stood firmly in favor of a platform that would make it as simple as possible to connect. GlobalMeet’s intuitive platform saves valuable time for Viamedia employees through general ease-of-use and smart collaboration features like recording, transcription, and document sharing.

Easy Scheduling

Companywide, Viamedia uses Microsoft Outlook as its calendar solution. Since GlobalMeet has an Outlook plugin, employees can schedule their virtual meetings directly from Outlook. The staff love this because it keeps the meeting scheduling process as efficient as possible.

No Downloads Required

One of our most-loved features was inspired by a simple observation. Many virtual meetings start late because people need to download (or update) an app.

So, we’ve done away with that problem. While GlobalMeet Collaboration offers both a desktop and mobile app, attendees don’t need to download the app to attend a meeting. This is an incredibly helpful feature for Viamedia, as they speak with more than 60 video partners and many key customers weekly. Since there are no downloads required, those meetings are more comfortable for everyone and more likely to start on schedule. Internally, staff can choose to use the desktop and mobile apps to access the platform’s full feature set.

“I love that you don’t have to use an app if you don’t want to,” said Madeline Kissel, Business Development & Affiliate Relations Manager at Viamedia. “We often host meetings in GlobalMeet Collaboration with people outside of Viamedia. Attendees can easily click to join the meeting through a web browser. It’s so easy for our customers, and a great experience, too.”


“We need the technology we use to just work,” Madeline Kissel said. “GlobalMeet Collaboration is always reliable. Once, in a multi-market training hosted by our partner in another meeting platform, the technical issues were so disruptive that the Viamedia team asked to switch to the GlobalMeet Collaboration platform to complete the training.”


We’re extremely proud to provide a reliable solution that Viamedia can trust and depend on. Want the same perks and benefits for your enterprise? Learn more about GlobalMeet Collaboration today.

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