HD Video Quality

Why HD Video Quality Matters

As streaming technology continues to improve, HD video quality is emerging as the standard. That’s true not only for entertainment-oriented video streaming (via Netflix, YouTube, etc.) but also for video conferencing. But how important is HD video quality in an online meeting?

The Truth About Video Quality

Marketing researchers have found some telling data regarding the importance of video quality. In particular, the data shows:

  • 62% of people are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand following a poor-quality video experience.
  • 23% who have ever had a poor-quality video experience with a brand will hesitate to purchase from the brand.
  • 57% of people are less likely to share a poor-quality video.

Video Conferencing is No Exception

Those marketing findings might not seem relevant to video conferencing, but in fact, those numbers are highly relevant. That’s because the “video experience” you provide as a brand isn’t limited to your marketing videos. Everything you do on screen is a “video experience” of your brand, and that includes webinars, webcasts, virtual meetings, and video-delivered sales pitches.

If two-thirds of people end up with a negative perception of a brand following a low-quality video experience, why would you expect a low-quality, video-delivered sales pitch to yield a different result? If one-quarter of people will hesitate to purchase from a brand after a low-quality video experience, why wouldn’t they feel the same way after getting poor video quality during a webinar?

It Matters Internally, Too

Though the most important thing to think about is the customer-facing video experience, the experience you’re having within the company matters, too. HD video conferencing is especially important if you have remote colleagues who work together but rarely meet in person. Providing the most realistic experience possible during a meeting will help colleagues forge more trust and work together more cohesively.

Step Up Your Video Quality Game

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