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Remote Working is Viable, Real and the Future of Work

The shift to teams remote working is causing a level of anxiety among many organizations. But, if we’re to take an honest assessment of the trend, only the companies unready for change should feel concerned. That was an opinion I shared with Home Business Magazine.

Remote Workers Do Not Get Enough Face Time

Given the plethora of solutions on the marketplace today, how does an organization find itself with a disconnected team? Why aren’t the organization’s leaders making an effort to remedy the problem? While the number of remote workers has increased by 115% over the last decade, according to the Harvard Business Review, a study from Future Workplace and Virgin Pulse found two-thirds of remote workers are not engaged. The same survey found more than one-third do not have face time with their team, but more than 40% said face time would help foster more profound relationships.

Stop Worrying

Too often, organizations paralyze themselves worrying about how the future might shape their businesses. In doing so, they forget to forge meaningful relationships with their teams. While technology can extend an office culture to those remote working, it necessitates a change in mindset. It first demands leaders to acknowledge teams do not necessarily cohabitate a single space.

Isolation Impacts the Bottom Line

According to Gallup, workers who feel isolated can experience upwards of a 21% drop in performance. Such a decrease will have a substantive impact on the bottom line of every business. The solution is to treat teams like the human capital they are. You wouldn’t operate fast and loose with your cash on hand, why do you with your team?

Friends at Work Matter

The study from the Future Workplace and Virgin Pulse found a mere 7% of employees across the globe have no friends at work. It’s important to recognize we can’t eliminate the professional relationship. Seize the opportunity to reach out to your teams. Get to know what makes them tick. Empower and inspire them.

When it comes to the intersection of business and technology, stop worrying about the future; it’s already here.

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