When There’s No Room for Error, LBA Logistics Chooses GlobalMeet

LBA Logistics is a national, vertically integrated real estate company. Owning and operating an astonishing 53,000,000-square-foot portfolio, the company pledges to exceed all its customers’ expectations with unmatched levels of service.

To fulfill that promise, the company works closely with each customer, providing proactive management to keep businesses running efficiently while meeting their financial objectives. Here’s why LBA chose GlobalMeet as the communications platform to support them in their work.

There’s No Time to Waste

For LBA’s leadership and staff, this high standard of execution means there’s simply no time to waste. That is to say, there’s no room for error, and there’s definitely no space for subpar technology.

When evaluating communication solutions, LBA decision-makers had the following core requirements:

  • The ability to connect 5 to 15 people in the same virtual meeting without interruptions
  • Seamless and consistent communication for all parties, both internal and external
  • One-click visual sharing of site plans, documents, and real-time data from Google Earth

After evaluating all the options, LBA decided that GlobalMeet was the highest-performing option for bridging communication between colleagues and customers.

Team Members Are Far Apart, but Work Closely Every Day

LBA is a sprawling enterprise with offices in nine cities, operations across the country, and valued clients in all those places. As a result, teams that need to work closely every day are dispersed across long distances. An unfailing, highly intuitive communication platform is paramount for them. In addition, the benefit of zero required downloads makes for a smooth, user-friendly solution for customer meetings.

“GlobalMeet Collaboration is a great way to connect colleagues who are hundreds of miles apart,” said Emily Mandrup, VP of Industrial Development. As the manager of all parties involved in a project, Emily has found GlobalMeet to be the most effective communication tool for ensuring continued success.

Want the Best for Your Business?

We’re proud to serve LBA with a reliable solution that they can trust day in and day out. So, do you want the same benefits for your enterprise? Learn more about GlobalMeet Collaboration today.

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