A Note from our CMO

Sometimes understanding history helps put the present into context. So, here goes the PGi history lesson. Our company was founded nearly 30 years ago and some of our earliest customers came from the financial services sector. These clients were looking for our audio network and operators to run large event calls for earnings announcements and town halls. Fast forward 30 years and you will still see many of these same financial institutions and banks using our technology and webcast services to broadcast these same important events. But today, we’re using more video than ever before.

As a long-standing provider to the financial sector, our approach to privacy has been informed by some of our earliest and largest customers. With the majority of our collaboration and event business based on subscriptions and only a small subset of free users, our approach recognizes and respects the importance of privacy.

PGi sells products and services that help people connect. We do not sell customer information. For transparency, our privacy policy is online and available to understand how we use any customer information provided to us.

With a global pandemic declared, these times are without precedent. Above all, our entire industry is working tirelessly to empower people to work, learn and connect safely and remotely. At PGi, we’re learning a lot too. We are pleased that so many of our old and new customers find the GlobalMeet portfolio helpful and relevant.

We are all in this together.

About Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts serves as PGi’s CMO responsible for all marketing operations worldwide, driving growth opportunities and building brand recognition for the company within the communications market.

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