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More Video Screens for Larger Meetings – And Other Top-Requested Features

PGi rolled out new GlobalMeet Collaboration enhancements designed to improve how people, teams, and enterprises productively connect and collaborate, no matter where they are.

Businesses continue to demand more convenient ways to maintain virtual face-to-face interactions with remote colleagues, customers, partners, friends, and family. In response, we have ramped up development and support for GlobalMeet Collaboration to accelerate our feature roadmap and bring our users’ top-requested features.

These features are designed to provide a richer collaboration experience particularly for the at-home worker and will gradually roll out to customers globally, starting today.

More Video Screens for Larger Calls

Since March, GlobalMeet Collaboration has seen a 700% surge in webcam usage for virtual meetings. Video meetings have never been more important as people are working from home and using video to feel productive, socialize, and stay connected.

GlobalMeet Collaboration users can now simultaneously see up to 12 participants at once (double what was previously available). Increased HD video screens allow for larger group video meetings and enhanced engagement. And stayed tuned because we’re constantly iterating and working to add more webcams beyond 12 in the coming months!

Virtual Whiteboard

When teams are scattered across the world or stuck at home, brainstorming together can be difficult. But, with a virtual whiteboard, remote teams can still come together virtually and exchange ideas in a meaningful way.

Users can write, draw, annotate, and collaborate on a free-form virtual whiteboard to spark creative, organic conversations.

G Suite Calendar Integration

Gmail has more than 1.5 billion active users around the world. Gmail users will be able to seamlessly schedule, manage and join GlobalMeet Collaboration meetings from Gmail and Google Calendar.

In the coming weeks, G Suite calendar integration will be available to all users.

Mobile Video and Scheduling

Webcams on mobile means users can see who is speaking even on a smartphone. Mobile upgrades allow simple scheduling on the fly with your native calendar app.

PGi has powered virtual meetings and events for customers safely and reliably for nearly 30 years, helping people, teams and enterprises connect all over the world with advanced video conferencing and broadcasting. Never has this been more necessary than now as businesses worldwide have embraced work from home for employees, for an undetermined amount of time.

Over the past months, we’ve heard from organizations of all sizes that GlobalMeet Collaboration is helping them stay connected. A sales manager at a biotechnology company says, “We use GlobalMeet for remote meetings because employees live across the entire county. I used to only utilize this service a couple of times per month; however, due to the COVID-19 crisis it is now utilized several times each week.”

If you or your organization needs access to video conferencing, GlobalMeet Collaboration is free, and signing up is easy. Learn more about our recent feature releases here.

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