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The 4 Best At-Home Webcast Lighting Tips

When you run a large webcast from home, you want to look your best. Whether you’re presenting your work in front of an all-hands company meeting or participating in a panel for a virtual conference, you must look put together and properly lit. A dim or distorted light source can ruin your appearance in front of a live webcast. To avoid any appearance mistakes, use our top at-home webcast lighting tips.

1. Open Windows for Natural Lighting

First, identify the room in your home that receives the most natural lighting, to provide the best backdrop for your webcast.

Of course, in many homes, this room may be the living room, kitchen, or other room with large windows. If you’re webcasting at home with other individuals or kids in the house, make sure you communicate that you’ll need the space for your video call or webcast.

Before your scheduled webcast, open all the window blinds to let the light in. Declutter your space and set up for the webcast.

2. Place the Light in Front of Your Camera

If you open your windows and sit in front of them, all the light will hit your back, creating a shadowy silhouette, which is not a desirable look for a public webcast.

Instead, set your laptop and camera up with the light facing you. For instance, if you set up in your dining room with natural light coming in from the windows, make sure you face the windows.

If you opt to use an external light source, place the light behind your laptop, which is in front of you. The goal is to have both the camera and light source facing you throughout the webcast for the best results.

3. Invest in a LED Ring Light

You can also use LED ring lights to even out the lighting in your webcast and eliminate unwanted shadows. According to CNBC, a ring light has been the No. 1 best seller in the Cell Phones and Accessories category on Amazon.com in recent weeks.

This piece of essential webcasting equipment is a great investment for those who plan to host multiple webcasts, participate in video calls, or film videos from their home.

Again, place the ring light facing you and behind the camera for the best lighting results.

4. Wear the Correct Clothing

A common webcast lighting mistake doesn’t involve lighting equipment at all. If you wear white or vibrant color clothing, the light will reflect off of it, washing out the subject in the webcast.

Instead, opt for neutral colors such as deep blues or earth tones. Of course, the traditional business black and grey always works, too.

With these tips in your back pocket, you’re ready to execute a perfect, well-lit webcast.

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