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Virtual Whiteboard for Better Teamwork and Brainstorming

When your team is scattered across the world, brainstorming together can be difficult. Phone calls can have spotty connections and using company funds for regular meet-ups can be costly.

Office environments easily foster creative in person interactions, ad hoc brainstorms and meetings. These interactions, many unplanned, feed into the creative spirit for many companies. But, if an in-office meeting is out of the question (because you are a fully remote team or social distancing due to COVID-19) you are not out of luck. Teams can still come together virtually and exchange ideas in a meaningful way.

Companies are leveraging virtual whiteboard technology for their remote teams. A virtual whiteboard allows people, content and ideas to come together. You can draw and write on a free-form, shared digital canvas, much like a whiteboard you’d find in an office conference room.

In short, if you’re looking for a way to foster teamwork and effective collaboration within your remote team, consider using a virtual whiteboard.

An Effective Brainstorming Outlet

Virtual whiteboards provide remote teams an effective brainstorming outlet through features, such as:

  • Text, shapes and drawing tools
  • Image upload capability
  • Whiteboard PNG download

Find the whiteboard meeting style that works best for your team and allows them to brainstorm freely online.

Ideal for All Types of Workers

We all have a preferred learning and working style. For instance, teams often have a balanced mix of visual, auditory, and hands-on workers. Whiteboard brainstorming sessions satisfy the needs of all three types.

For example, visual workers will love being able to see the strategy come to life in real-time; auditory workers can listen in and absorb the information; hands-on workers can contribute to the whiteboarding process. As a result, whiteboard brainstorming enables your entire team to do their best work while working together.

Leads to Creative Solutions and Ideas

Brainstorming is a naturally creative process. Therefore, as your team works together, innovative ideas and solutions will start flowing. It’s inevitable!

Encourage your team to chime in with an idea, solution, or thought they might have. It may lead to the desired end result.

Shakes Up Dull Meeting Styles

Presentations and meeting agendas get old. So, shake up your meetings by utilizing a virtual whiteboard.

Even if your team does not need to collaborate or brainstorm, whiteboards add an active visual element to a meeting that is sure to motivate your team.

Review Whiteboard Recordings

Since you can record virtual whiteboard meetings, your team can review the recordings and whiteboard canvases later. This is helpful when working on deliverables identified and assigned during the meeting. It also allows team members to be fully present in the whiteboard experience, and not concerned or distracted with note taking.

Jumpstart Your Team’s Creativity with a Virtual Whiteboard

Virtual whiteboards provide a wealth of advantages for teams of all sizes. And, thanks to the versatility of its features, online whiteboards can be used to brainstorm everything from a small marketing campaign or fun Pictionary-esque game to an entire corporate strategy.

Discover how virtual whiteboards can amplify your team’s collaboration and brainstorming capabilities with help from PGi.


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