Webcasting Equipment Essentials

Webcasting Equipment Essentials: All the Gear You Need to Be Successful

Have you ever been logged into a webcast or video conference and had difficulty seeing or hearing the presenter? If so, chances are they lacked the right webcasting equipment for a successful online event.

While our laptops are powerful tools, they often do not possess the top visual and audio equipment for clear webcasting and video calls. As a result, employees and businesses need to equip themselves with the proper essentials to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted webcast.

Add these five key pieces of webcasting equipment to your set-up for the ultimate success.

1. External Webcam and Tripod

The cameras that come with laptops are fine and work well for video chats with friends and family. But for an interview, webinar, video conference, or other professional use, you want to use a high-quality webcam.

Look for external webcams that have a powerful internal microphone to enhance your audio quality during webcasts and video conferences.

Additionally, be sure to place your webcam on a sturdy mini tripod for a better angle. As much as we try, the angle from a built-in laptop camera is not always flattering.

2. LED Ring Light

Finding the right lighting is key to a successful webcast or video call. Setting up near fluorescent lights or oddly placed windows can cause shadows and uneven lighting.

To remedy this, purchase an LED ring light. These lights, designed to even out the lighting in your room, enhance the visuals you broadcast to the web.

3. External Microphone

Believe it or not, the microphone within your laptop isn’t reliable. It picks up atmospheric noises like cars passing by outside or the wind from your ceiling fan.

Instead, purchase an external condenser microphone such as a Blue Yeti to eliminate any outside noise and for clear communication.

4. Cat5 Connection

There is nothing worse than having your Internet connection drop in the middle of an important webcast. WiFi connections are notorious for randomly disconnecting, even with the strongest networks.

Ensure that your connection doesn’t fail during critical video calls, webinars, webcasts, and other events by connecting your computer to the router using a Cat5 cable. This ethernet connection guarantees that you won’t lose service throughout the call.

5. Reliable Webcasting Software

There are many webcasting and video conferencing tools available for businesses and marketers. Yet, these tools are not created equal. Many contain a variety of features such as interactive polling, CRM integrations, automated transcriptions, customized branding, reporting and live-event support, while others only offer the bare minimum.

To provide a seamless webcasting experience for the presenter and audience, select a webcasting software that meets and exceeds your needs. GlobalMeet Webcast from PGi is capable of handling large broadcast events, from virtual conferences to internal townhalls.

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