Why You Need to Turn On Your Webcam

In this new era of remote work and teleconferencing, we’ve all become accustomed to group phone calls and video meetings becoming the “new normal.”

Some people may wonder, is it really necessary to turn on the webcam? If you’re in the meeting anyway, does it matter if your employer or colleagues can see your face? Let’s take a look at the reasons why turning on your webcam could be beneficial.

1. It Can Help Recreate the Feeling of Togetherness

More often than not, those who have always worked remotely have grown accustomed to not seeing their coworkers on a daily basis. However, people who were previously in the office and have suddenly shifted to remote work may crave collaboration and connection with team members to feel productive and social.

Even though the team is not physically in the same space, turning on the webcam and seeing everyone can give a sense of unity. Having a stand up meeting, in which each member can participate and provide quick updates, or hosting a virtual game night after hours are great for getting everyone involved and feeling like they’re back together.

2. It Shows Respect for the Speaker and Meeting Participants

When calling a colleague or client, if you don’t see one another, you may run into the issue of talking over one another accidentally, which causes disruption, even if that wasn’t the intention.

Seeing someone’s face over a video meeting can help prevent these unwanted moments. You can look out for facial gestures and pauses in conversation. Turning on the webcam helps to reduce the stress of having to constantly say, “Sorry I interrupted. What were you saying?”

3. It Allows You to Show Up

When you dial into a meeting, your team can see that you are on the call. But how do they know you are really there unless they are actually seeing your face? By turning on your webcam you are accounting for your presence and your willingness to be ready to talk about work. Using both verbal and nonverbal communication can help you engage with your teammates and concentrate on what’s going on in front of you.

Pro Tip: Turn On Before Joining a Meeting

Turning on the webcam shows others that you are ready to participate in the present moment and interact with your team. Several video conferencing tools help participants check their video and settings before joining a meeting. Consider turning on a webcam before you join and you’re all set!

More Webcams Mean More Interaction

GlobalMeet Collaboration users can now experience crystal-clear collaboration with even more HD video screens on the desktop. And mobile webcams on the app enhances face-to-face interaction wherever users are.

In conclusion, sign up for a free GlobalMeet Collaboration account, change out of your pajamas and turn on your webcam. Teamwork, trust, and productivity will all benefit.


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