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5 Video Conferencing Benefits for Small Businesses

Tools for a small business video conference are no longer optional for companies. With most employees working from home for the foreseeable future, small businesses must have a preferred video conferencing tool to communicate with their teams, clients, and vendors.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 58% of businesses used video conferencing for their everyday operations. This number is expected to increase dramatically over the next year and beyond.

Fortunately, video conferencing tools provide businesses of all sizes with various advantages. Small businesses can expect to enjoy benefits such as:

1. Little to No Onboarding

Small business video conferencing software is incredibly easy to use. Compared to other SMB tools, employees will quickly understand how to properly use the video conferencing tool for their internal and external work needs.

Using these tools, employees can:

  • Schedule internal meetings
  • Communicate with clients and vendors across the world without traveling
  • Speak with teammates about projects and initiatives, regardless of location

And this only scratches the surface of the possibilities.

2. Cohesive Communication

Conference calls, emails, project management notifications, and other outdated forms of communication often bottleneck projects. With a video conferencing tool, small businesses can easily update team members on the status of a task or project and accomplish goals faster thanks to seamless video communication.

3. Reduced Costs

Small businesses are always looking for strategic ways to reduce costs. Investing in video conferencing software is one great way to save.

Video conferencing has been proven to reduce small businesses’ travel costs by up to 30%. And, with the rise in telecommuting, small businesses can save more on office overhead expenses. The same study found that businesses can save approximately $11,000 per employee by using video conferencing software.

4. Improved Productivity

Small business video conferencing software also enables remote workers to be more productive throughout the day. 43% of remote workers using video conferencing believe that it enhances their productivity.

Rather than spending the day attempting to get answers via text, email, chat, or business systems, employees can have their questions answered instantly in a video conference.

5. Employee Engagement

Whether your small business operates a partially- or fully-remote team, video conferencing tools enable employees to engage with coworkers throughout the day. Since remote work can be isolating, this face-to-face interaction boosts employee morale, leading to a more productive and enthusiastic team.

Experience the Advantages for Yourself

Ready to see how video conferencing software can benefit your small business? Try it out today!

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