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What is VoIP and How Do I Start Using It?

Anyone who has ever participated in a video conference for work or a casual video chat with friends understands the constant struggle for quality audio. For example, audio can become such a problem that users join video from their computer, yet call in using their cellphone or landline for audio.

In short, people often fear choppy, out of sync computer audio that cuts out frequently. But wouldn’t it be easier to connect both audio and video from your computer? To remedy this disjointed approach, people are turning to PGi for trusted VoIP to support their audio needs.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.

In simpler terms, this technology enables people to make phone calls over the Internet rather than through a traditional landline. Rather than purchasing a separate phone service for your home or business, you make phone calls using an Internet connection.

Using VoIP, people can call locally, long-distance, mobile phones, and internationally. Best of all, this service makes connecting audio for a video conference or call a breeze.

Statista reported that over 35 million businesses in the United States added VoIP lines to their office between 2010 and 2018, reaching a total of 41.6 million VoIP lines.

3 Reasons to Switch to VoIP Audio

There are many advantages to using VoIP audio. Here are three reasons why companies make the switch:

1. Peace of Mind

If you’re constantly worried about your audio quality when video conferencing, your work life will be endlessly stressful. Have confidence knowing the video conferencing audio or webcast audio via your computer is crystal clear by using VoIP.

2. More Functionality

VoIP also adds increased functionality for businesses and employees. When’s the last time you dialed internationally for free on a landline phone? (Never!)

Thanks to the Internet connection, you can seamlessly chat with employees and friends across the world.

3. Lower Costs

Including the setup costs and equipment, managing a VoIP system in-house or at an office is still more affordable than traditional phone services. Businesses can expect to save between 30-50% on their phone service through VoIP.

How to Start Using VoIP Today

Interested in adding VoIP audio capabilities to your video conferences? First, check the strength of your Internet connection by performing an Internet speed test. For VoIP to function properly, a strong bandwidth is necessary.

Then, find the VoIP service that best meets your needs.  GlobalMeet Collaboration features reliable and high-quality VoIP audio. Designed with noise cancellation technology, the VoIP technology suppresses background noise for a better audio conferencing experience. In summary, with superior audio clarity and audio separation, you can better understand who’s talking during your meeting.

So, dial-in to your meeting with trusted VoIP and never worry about poor computer audio quality again.

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