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4 Ways Webcasting Software Can Improve HR Functions

Human resources is a tricky department. On top of managing employee engagement and happiness in the workplace, the department is also responsible for finding qualified, eligible employees to join the company.

However, some human resources departments still use outdated processes and technology, causing hiring bottlenecks and poor company decisions.

Fortunately, more and more HR departments are embracing technology. For example, Paycor reported that 75% of HR professionals used applicant tracking software to find potential employees, while 79% relied on social media. And, several HR professionals are embracing the use of AI in the workplace.

HR professionals are also seeing the benefits of utilizing webcasting to improve their department’s functions and processes. Webcasting software assists HR departments by:

1. Streamlining Employee Onboarding and Training Processes

For a company with thousands of employees, the onboarding and training processes are paramount. These processes help new hires understand the company’s culture, internal processes, and structure.

But delivering a packet of documents and asking new employees to read and sign them isn’t an effective method of onboarding or training.

Instead, HR departments can rely on webcasting software to:

  • Stream on-demand training videos for new hires to watch at any time, regardless of location.
  • Ensure all new hires receive the same information from a unified human resources department.
  • Share important videos and files as viewers follow along with the training videos.
  • Use interactive features and gauge employee comprehension of the streaming material.

Or, if desired, HR departments can organize live training sessions via a webcast.

2. Broadcasting Information to Employees

The tone of company-wide emails can be misconstrued, even when written by your top copywriter.

Instead, HR can broadcast company information live, simulated live, or on-demand to all employees via a webcast.

This is the perfect way to deliver company updates, address work policies or concerns, provide professional development training, or introduce new products or services.

3. Using Analytics to Measure Employee Engagement

Human resources professionals use a myriad of tools, tactics, and metrics designed to determine an employee’s level of engagement.

However, with a webcasting tool, HR departments can take these measurements to the next level. Webcasting software offers a robust analytics dashboard. Through this dashboard, HR professionals can view everything from employee view time, actions taken during the webcast, and more.

Use these metrics to better understand how engaged your employees were with the webcast and information delivered.

4. Improving the Open Enrollment Process

Anyone who’s ever signed up for insurance benefits understands how confusing the open enrollment process can be. Open enrollment refers to the yearly time period when individuals can opt in to an insurance plan and often requires a myriad of personal information.

HR departments can use their webcasting software to provide live seminars and on-demand content guiding employees through the enrollment process for their respective insurance plans. This will eliminate confusion and ensure employees sign up on time each year.

Curious to see how a webcasting tool can benefit your HR department?  Schedule a GlobalMeet Webcast demo and find out!

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