Webcasting Software for Fully Managed Events for the Enterprise

Webcasting Software for Fully Managed Events for the Enterprise

According to an eMarketer survey of marketing professionals in the United States, 63% state that global virtual events with live video feeds from headliners will lead the way in post-pandemic event types. Virtual events designed to foster community and share thought leadership were a close second at 59%.

Virtual events are now the new normal, thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak. Rather than organizing massive in-person events, marketers now focus on putting together seamless, fully managed events for the enterprise.

Instead of focusing on finding the right conference center and double-checking chair counts, event marketers now deal with concerns over technology and audience engagement.

Fortunately, webcasting solves both of those concerns.

Webcasting software provides enterprises with the ability to flawlessly stream live, simulated live, and on-demand content to audiences across the globe. And with interactive features, virtual event attendees can participate in Q&A sessions, chat rooms, and more, as if they were part of an in-person conference or event.

Here’s how to use webcasting software for your next fully managed virtual event:

1. Design Your Event

As all event marketers know, there are endless decisions to be made before the big event. The same goes for virtual events.

Before you begin searching for the right event technology, you must decide:

  • What type of content are you streaming? Is it live? On-demand?
  • How will your audience engage with the content? Do you need chat features, polls, Q&A, etc.?
  • How will you promote the event?
  • What is your target audience size?

The answers to all of these questions will guide you to step #2.

2. Choose the Right Webcasting Tool for Your Event

There are several webcasting tools on the market. But few have the capabilities to host a fully managed enterprise event.

Whether you’re live-streaming a company announcement or organizing a virtual trade conference, choosing the right webcasting tool is key. Make sure your webcasting tool has the streaming features you need, offers a secure connection, and won’t fail in the middle of an important event.

GlobalMeet from PGi is a secure, scalable cloud-based webcasting platform capable of delivering high-profile events to any size audience, on any device. On top of its wealth of features and benefits, GlobalMeet’s trained event experts — who manage hundreds of enterprise-level virtual events each year — are on hand to help you with everything from event setup and testing to event moderation.

3. Prepare

Before the big event, make sure your webcasting software is all set up and ready to rock. Be sure to review the plan of action with all event speakers, hosts, and employees.

4. Go Live!

With the right virtual event design, webcasting tool, and preparation, you’ll be more than ready to go live when the time comes. Of course, having technical support on hand always helps, just in case.

When you select GlobalMeet as your enterprise’s fully managed virtual event platform, you’ll have everything you need for a seamless streaming experience right at your fingertips. Contact an expert for a demo on fully managed events!

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