What Instagram Influencers Can Teach Us About Video Meetings

3 Things Instagram Influencers Can Teach Us About Video Meetings

Believe it or not, Instagram influencers can teach us a great deal about video conferencing, webinars, and more.

These influential accounts attract the attention of thousands upon thousands of fans each day through their creative posts, captivating captions, and interactive efforts.

How does their work translate to leading large video meetings or webinars?

Here’s how:

1. Creating a Lasting Connection with Fans

There’s a reason influencers amass an enormous following. They are exceptional at developing a strong connection with their audience.

This connection is what keeps fans coming back to their page for more content, interaction, and entertainment. And it’s what drives sales for brands collaborating with Instagram influencers. 8 out of 10 users have purchased an item after seeing it recommended by an influencer.

When hosting a video conference or online event, we need to create that connection with the viewers. Otherwise, it’s like talking to a brick wall.

Use the interactive features to let viewers participate in chat rooms, answer polls, and ask questions throughout the video meeting. This principle can be applied to live-streamed webinars, too.

2. Real-Time Interaction is Key

Influencers also interact with fans in real-time on Instagram through Instagram Stories, direct messages, and live video.

Fans crave this pseudo “one-on-one” engagement with influencers, which also works to strengthen their connection with them.

Whether we’re hosting a virtual meeting with customers or a introducing a new service, let’s all look for ways to provide real-time interaction with participants. This extra step keeps viewers engaged with the content, so they return to the brand for more.

3. Authenticity is Better than Promotion

There’s a reason we’re drawn to video calls. Being face-to-face with another human, albeit virtually, creates an authentic connection.

Instagram influencers display this concept masterfully online. While they do partner with brands and promote products, they dedicate most of their content to sharing their true selves with fans.

For example, a marketing rule of thumb is to dedicate around 20% of social media content to selling a product or service, while gearing the other 80% toward education, entertainment, or genuine fun.

When promoting an upcoming webinar or live-streamed video interview series, do so authentically. Look for ways to engage with the viewers before, during, and after the video meeting to help foster that connection.

Take a tip or two from Instagram influencers the next time you host a video meeting or webinar!

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