Advantages of Global Webcast

Six Solid Business Advantages of Global Webcasts

If you’re ready to take your message global, no communications tool quite compares to the ease, flexibility, and affordability of a webcast platform. Consider the following benefits:

1. Deliver Your Message Faster

When communication success hinges on the speed of your message, look no farther than a global webcast.

Take the stress out of your webcasts with our flexible event delivery that scales from self-service to fully-managed support. Whether you want to produce a global town hall, company announcement or update, all-hands, investor relations meeting, or a high-profile marketing or training event, GlobalMeet Webcast will transform your online event experience.

2. Extend Your Reach

Attendees need only a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection. Simply repeat the same webcast for attendees in different time zones, live.

3. Enjoy Multinational Inclusion and Engagement

Employees want to hear from company management. Video webcasting is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways for executives to reach hundreds or thousands of employees and external audiences wherever they’re located. Video humanizes people. It provides a platform to connect with your audience and cultivate their trust.

According to a Gallup workplace study, companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share. Improving engagement pivots on improving communication with your employees. This reliance can pose a bigger challenge for businesses with a geographically dispersed workforce in multiple time zones.

Not so with global webcasts.

Interactive features make it easy for webcast attendees to ask the presenter and host questions (the information is shared across global teams), participate in brief polls or tests, and link to social media feeds.

4. Save Money and Time

Putting on a global webcast doesn’t involve travel, food, and lodging expenses—or the time it takes to arrange big events in different locations.

What’s more, your carbon footprint is smaller with webcasts.

5. Create an Online Archive

You can archive any of your webcasts for on-demand viewing. It’s another way to extend the reach and impact of your webcast message. Internal training and onboarding are two types of video content ideal for archiving.

Plus, the interactive features don’t have to stop when you archive your webcasts. Keep these features active, and you’ll continue to collect valuable lead and customer data.

6. Show Corporate Transparency

Workplace transparency isn’t a nice-to-have trait anymore. Today, employees, customers, shareholders, and the media expect companies to be open and accountable for their business operations. Video is an ideal platform to help companies garner the fruits of workplace transparency: trust, loyalty, and engagement.

Employees need to hear from their company’s leaders. They need to feel that management cares about them and wants them to succeed as individuals. Video webcast is ideal for connecting executives with employees, especially in organizations with a geographically dispersed or remote workforce.

Presenting leadership as accessible helps build employees’ trust and loyalty. The opportunity to see executives’ expressions and body language provides the authenticity and transparency that employees desire. This style of communication is particularly important when company management offers hope or clarity during a difficult situation.

To learn more about the business advantages of global webcasting, visit GlobalMeet Webcast.

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