Webcasting Tools for Your Online Event

Why You Need a Dedicated Webcasting Tool for Your Online Events

As offices closed worldwide during the COVID-19 crisis, many organizations turned to familiar audio and video conferencing services to communicate with employees, customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders spread across the globe.They soon discovered, however, that these solutions were simply not built to deliver professional-quality webcasts at scale. They couldn’t handle audiences larger than a few hundred participants, and presentations were often plagued with network glitches, non-intuitive interfaces, and the need for participants to download one proprietary app after another.

And yet, the ability to communicate quickly and effectively with large groups of people — for corporate town halls, trade shows, conferences, and time-sensitive training sessions — still remains critical. The solution? A purpose-built webcasting platform powerful enough to host rich, interactive virtual events featuring video, audio, and visuals to global audiences of all sizes. Such a platform must handle this capacity securely without degrading audio and video quality, while also providing the level of service that meets your organization’s needs.

6 Must-Have Features

Your organization’s events need to project a professional image that fits your brand messaging while maximizing engagement and alignment across your audience. Your presenters should have the freedom to focus on content and delivery without worrying about event management, and your audience should be able to join in with a click. Here are the most important criteria to consider when evaluating webcasting solutions:

  • Multiple levels of support: No two events are exactly alike. If your HR team is pulling together a focused training session, a self-service option that offers simplicity and control without sacrificing scalability or quality might be ideal. For high-profile events, you should be able to call on an experienced team who can handle every element of your webcast, including technical and security setup, email reminders, and presenter training. Other occasions may require a hybrid service level that lets you create your own event while also engaging a professional production manager to check content quality, assist with guest presenters, and run the live broadcast.
  • Enterprise-grade security, scalability, and quality: Look for the highest-quality enterprise security to protect your organization’s data and your participants’ privacy. That should include password protection, login authentication, and gated audience access without the need for app downloads or firewall configurations. Your vendor should ensure flawless delivery of high-quality video to thousands of participants with such technology as peer-to-peer networking and pre-provisioned bandwidth.
  • Seamless integrations and automation: Make sure your solution’s registration, reporting, and event information integrate easily with common CRM and marketing automation systems. You should also be able to customize and automate confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups to make outreach easy.
  • Advanced presentation and engagement capabilities: Your webcasting solution should support a rich assortment of presentation techniques, including multiple speakers, video overlays, live screen sharing, and synchronized transcripts produced by automated speech recognition. Engagement features such as polling, Q&A, testing, and participant certification should also be a part of the package.
  • Easy repurposing: Best-in-class webcasting solutions should not only provide for great live events but also facilitate re-purposing your event content for on-demand viewing. Additional capabilities, such as downloadable webcast transcriptions, can make your content accessible and searchable.
  • Comprehensive registration, administration, and reporting tools: Look for the ability to customize registration and reporting for all your events with standardized or custom questions to gain insight into your audience. Manage presenters, participants, and content easily to ensure a smooth, professional event. Run standardized and custom reports with a click, and download them to Excel for analysis.

Future-Proofing Your Webcasting Tool

The need to align your organization quickly and efficiently no matter how geographically dispersed is hardly limited to a pandemic. It’s a daily necessity for global organizations in order to remain competitive. Audio conferencing and online meeting solutions weren’t built to handle professional large-scale live events with the security, quality, and functionality you need to ensure audience engagement and retention. It’s time to choose a webcasting solution that was built from the ground up to provide exactly that.

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