Boost Planning Agility for 2021 Virtual Meetings and Events

Boost Planning Agility for 2021 Virtual Meetings and Events

Here’s the scenario. It is the last quarter of the year. You are tasked with planning a major event that can accommodate hundreds of attendees, maybe even thousands. 

But 2021 event planning looks a lot more challenging than 2020 planning or does it? While the pandemic shut down most physical events in 2020 — with some going virtual — 2021 event planning will mostly be all virtual. So, it’s time to adjust your thinking around event planning. 

The demand for virtual events has increased dramatically. During a recent presentation with leading meeting industry publication MeetingsNetPGi’s Andrew Denlow, SVP of North American Sales and a veteran in the Virtual Events space noted that PGi served 1.5 billion minutes of live streaming media since March 20. 

The future remains uncertain. Do you roll the dice on a strictly physical event? Do you keep your event virtual for the foreseeable futureOr do you attempt to accommodate your target audience with both options? 

The last 2 questions create new questions many planners must ask. Is uninterruptible virtual event hosting with high-quality video and audio available? Can it empower more interactivity among speakers, presenters and attendees? How does going virtual or using a hybrid onsite/online approach affect your registration pricing model?  

Thousands of meeting and event planners worldwide use GlobalMeet Webcast to scale events seamlessly to their audience registration size. It offers serious flexibility for hosting a virtual event with maximum positive impact, whether a simple presentation deck or live streaming of a roundtable discussion. 

So, what do you do? Watch this recording of Andrew Denlow’s presentation to learn how to re-think physical event fundamentals in a virtual setting and uncover opportunities for greater audience engagement. 

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