Best Practices to Drive Webcast Registration

Five Effective Best Practices to Drive Webcast Registration

Many marketers believe that the hardest part about hosting a webcast is the content itself. From setting up the webcasting software to ensuring that every aspect of the content is just right, there’s a lot to take care of before going live or streaming on-demand.

But all that hard work will not have been worth it if you don’t drive webcast registrations!

Having a strategy for generating webcast registration is just as important — if not more important — as the webcast content itself.

Take a look at these five fool-proof ways to drive qualified registrations for your upcoming webcast.

1. Invest in Partner Marketing

To boost the reach of your webinar or webcast, find a partner to help you promote and sponsor the event. Partner marketing is a great way to reach new potential leads and provides another perspective for the topic at hand.

Look for like-minded partners and aligned industry experts, or leverage brands you’ve worked with in the past for the best results.

2. Rely on Email Marketing to Drive Advance Registration

As one of the most effective forms of digital marketing, email marketing is an excellent way to generate webcast registrations ahead of the event date.

Send a targeted email to subscribers, clients, and other lists that will find the webcast topic relevant to their work or interests. Remember to use an actionable call-to-action to encourage readers to sign-up!

3. Live Chatbots

If your website leverages a live chatbot for customer service and lead generation purposes, program the bot to inform visitors about the upcoming webinar. Specifically, use this feature to interact with visitors reading blogs or website content related to the webcast topic.

If users interact with the chatbot prompt, they’ll be directed to the webinar landing page to sign-up.

4. Targeted Social Media Ads

To attract the attention of professionals outside of your network, look to targeted social media ads. Direct your ads toward those who align with your target market, are interested in the topic at hand, and have the potential to turn into paying customers.

5. Leverage Your Sales Team

Your sales team talks to potential leads and clients all day. Encourage them to use the webinar as a qualifying step in the sales process or a relationship-builder with current or past clients.

Work together with your sales team to brainstorm how you can both drive more webcast registrations.

Try out these registration tactics for your next webcast event!

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