How Augmented Reality Can Make Your Next Online Event Stand Out

How Augmented Reality Can Make Your Next Online Event Stand Out

As we embrace all types of online events, event planners continue to search for ways to stand out from the competition.

While most opt for the standard webcast presentation with a Q&A session, we can all take our online events to the next level by adopting an augmented reality (AR) solution.

You’ve likely heard of virtual reality, which is a completely immersive experience, often requiring a great deal of equipment such as a headset. Augmented reality, on the other hand, works as a filter to place imagery, moving objects, sounds, and other media on top of our physical reality.

Ikea’s app is an excellent example of augmented reality in action. Users can manipulate the app to see how pieces of furniture would look in their homes, all through the phone.

Brainstorm Branded AR Opportunities

Brands have a world of AR opportunities at their fingertips. But, if poorly executed, they can fall flat, leaving brands out thousands of dollars.

Instead, start by brainstorming branded AR experiences your audience would enjoy and be able to access long after the online event.

For example, branded augmented reality Snapchat filters are a popular choice among online event planners right now. Event attendees likely already have the app downloaded. All they need to do is access the filter and enjoy!

Look for ways to tell your brand’s story or function through the AR filter rather than opting for a trending, fleeting experience.

Product Demonstrations through AR

Similar to Ikea’s idea, companies can leverage augmented reality to demonstrate their products and services.

From car manufacturers to engineering firms and beyond, all types of companies can leverage AR to communicate product features and capabilities. Or, for real estate professionals, AR can offer tours of a home model or house on the market.

Consider how your team might bring this opportunity to life during an online event with potential buyers.

Clearly Communicate Augmented Reality Instructions to Event Attendees

To ensure that your branded augmented reality experience drives home the “Wow!” factor for online event attendees, make sure that the instructions are crystal clear.

Since they won’t be at a tradeshow booth with your staff to help them, the instructions must be foolproof and lead attendees toward the reward of an AR experience.

Has your company leveraged augmented reality during an online event? Tell us how!

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