Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Six Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits That Are Fun and Effective

With the COVID-19 pandemic, nonprofit organizations are scrambling to stay afloat. These organizations rely on fundraising and sponsorship events to raise donations that keep their efforts operational.

However, nonprofits can still raise money without hosting in-person events. With a bit of creativity and help from reliable webcasting technology, nonprofit organizations can thrive in 2020 and beyond by hosting these virtual fundraising events and opportunities:

1. Virtual Gala

Numerous nonprofits host an annual gala for supporters and their families each year. This gala has a ticket price along with several donation opportunities, all of which go toward furthering the success of the nonprofit.

Through live video streaming, nonprofits can host a virtual gala. Encourage attendees to dress up from home and turn their cameras on for the event!

2. Virtual Run or Scavenger Hunt

Nonprofits have used 5k runs and scavenger hunts as fundraising events for decades. Participants raise money for the cause, and everyone’s donations are tallied at the end.

Host a virtual run along with a live-streamed final tally event through a webcast!

3. Annual Giving Event

If your nonprofit organization hosts an annual giving in-person event, switch to online in 2020! Invite past donors and encourage new fans to join you for a 24-hour webcast complete with fun content, all to raise money for your cause or organization.

4. Industry Expert Roundtables

Similar to a conference or a TedTalk, nonprofits can host industry experts for an interview or roundtable-style discussion held entirely online. Through video conferencing software, participants and panelists can meet from wherever they are in the world!

Charge an entrance fee for attendees to watch the conversation and offer a link where guests can donate additional funds if desired.

5. Online Fundraising Giveaways

Who doesn’t love a good contest or giveaway?

Nonprofit organizations can also host online contests and giveaways where the winners are announced live! For example, if a participant donates $20, they get five entries toward the giveaway prize, increasing their chances of winning.

6. Virtual Silent Auction

Similarly, nonprofits can also plan to host online events such as a virtual silent auction. Guests can bid on a variety of donated items through online forms leading up to the virtual event.

Then, nonprofit organizations can use webcasting or video conferencing software to live-stream the announcement of the winners!

If your nonprofit organization is looking to launch a virtual fundraising event via webcast, learn how GlobalMeet Webcast from PGi can ensure your online event is a success.

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