Ideas for Promoting Webcasts Before, During, and After the Event

Eleven Quick Ideas for Promoting Webcasts Before, During, and After the Event

When it comes to webcasts, the top problem businesses run into is audience registration.

The old phrase “If you build it, they will come,” doesn’t apply to webcasts and online events. Instead, businesses must tell the world that they are hosting a webcast or online series.

To increase total webcast registration and participation, companies can use these 11 ideas for promoting their webcast before, during, and after the live event:

Before the Webcast

1. Website and Blog Promotion

Start by including event promotions on owned media, such as the company website and blog. Create banner ads, sidebar promotions, and entire pages dedicated to promoting the event.

2. Partner Promotions

Partnering with another company or brand for the webcast? Make sure they promote the event in advance, too.

3. Email Marketing Promotions

Email marketing has proven to provide businesses with a $44 return for every $1 spent. With this in mind, it’s a vital tool for webcast promotion.

Use email marketing to:

  • Inform subscribers about the webcast
  • Encourage previous and current customers to attend the event
  • Activate past webcast participants
  • Promote webcasts and online events in email newsletters

4. Leverage Employee Networks

Employees have their own network of potential webcast participants. Encourage employees to promote upcoming webinar events to their professional and personal networks.

5. Social Media Marketing

From targeted Facebook ads to event posts in relevant LinkedIn groups, always promote a webcast or online event on social media beforehand!

During the Webcast

6. Plug Upcoming Webinars

During the webcast, make sure to promote upcoming webinars. This can be through banner ads or verbal shoutouts.

After the Webcast

7. Follow-Up Emails

Always, always, always send a follow-up email to webcast participants! In this email, be sure to promote any upcoming events or webcasts and convince readers to register in advance.

8. Advance Registration Opportunities

Provide webcast participants with access to advance registration for future webcasts or discounts for online events. This feeling of exclusivity leads to long-term fans of the company!

9. Social Media Recaps

After the webcast, post snippets of the event on social media along with a recap of the content. Participants will share this content and drive interest from others for future webinars and online events!

10. Blog Post Recaps

Similar to social media recap content, write up an in-depth recap of the webcast and prompt readers to sign up for the next webcast on the docket!

11. Offer On-Demand Webcast Content

To entice website visitors to sign up for upcoming webcasts, host a portion of previous events on-demand! With tools like PGi’s GlobalMeet Webcast, businesses can publish sections of previously live-streamed webcasts for anyone to access. This self-promotion acts as an interest-generator for future online events!

Put these webcast promotion ideas into action today.

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