Five Things NOT to Do During Your Next Video Meeting

Five Things Not to Do During Your Next Video Meeting

Since March 2020, the world has changed. Remote work has become the “new normal.” Experts on workplace trends predict that up to 30% of the workforce will be working from home several days per week by the end of 2021. With this growing number of people working from home, video meetings are more important than ever.

Most of us have heard stories of spouses entering the video conferencing field-of-view dressed inappropriately, piles of dirty laundry in the background, or children disrupting meetings. While some allowances may be given for children struggling with remote schooling at home, a little forethought can help prevent other video meeting faux pas so common today.

Whether you are an employee or supervisor, understanding video conferencing etiquette can enhance productivity across your team, improve efficiency, and even lead to a happier, more enjoyable workday.

1. Don’t Ignore Your Background

Before you go live for your video meeting, focus on what other participants will see. When dialing in from your phone, the field-of-view may be different from what your computer webcam picks up, so test your video image before the meeting, if possible. Keep an eye out for people and objects that you may not want others to see.

The best background is solid and professional. You may consider setting up a green screen. If your video conferencing software allows it, select a virtual background for your space.

2. Don’t Forget to Mute

Even if you think you’re sitting silently, your video conferencing mic can pick up sounds you didn’t realize others could hear — from the footsteps of other people in your home to the noise from your computer fan. Know the location of your mute button and use it.

3. Don’t Just Dress Your Top Half for Work

At the beginning of the pandemic in Spring 2020, Walmart showed a rise in work shirt sales — but not pants. That image of an executive sitting in his home office with a shirt and tie on screen — and pajama pants below — is not just a myth. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

If something happens and you need to leave your desk and forget to turn off your camera, you could create an embarrassing moment for all. Dress as if you were going into the office from top to bottom, and it will put you in a mindset of being ready to work.

4. Don’t Focus on Anything but the Camera

Video meetings can help you form strong bonds with the members of your team, but you have to stay focused to maintain that emotional connection. That means not being distracted by others in your household or things going on around you. It also means maintaining eye contact throughout the meeting. Let your facial expressions — from smiles to thoughtful expressions — show your engagement. If you use dual or triple monitors, be sure to look at your camera, not your second screen.

5. Don’t Forget to Test the Technology

Solid, reliable technology is the difference between true engagement and a video meeting fail. Meeting attendees should check their wi-fi connection before the meeting to ensure uninterrupted service and close any unnecessary windows on their device to free up bandwidth. With the right video conferencing platform, users should be able to sign in easily and enjoy a crystal-clear connection for better collaboration without interruption.

We’re here to help with the technology you need to enhance collaboration during your video meetings. Request a demo of GlobalMeet® Collaboration today.

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