Tips for Creating a Virtual Onboarding Experience for New Employees

Five Tips for Creating a Virtual Onboarding Experience for New Employees

Even before the pandemic, companies and HR departments across the globe were adopting remote working policies to help employees lead better lives.

Part of a telecommuting environment involves onboarding new employees from wherever they may be. Since traditional office tours and face-to-face employee introductions are out of the question, companies are adopting virtual onboarding experiences.

Use these five tips to produce a seamless onboarding experience for your new remote employees:

1. Compile & Send All Resources in Advance

From legal documents to login passwords, give your new hires everything they need to succeed starting on day one. Compile these resources into a secure folder and send it to the employee before their first day on the job. This gives them time to review, complete, send back necessary documents, and become familiar with company policies and processes before starting.

2. Provide Clear Onboarding Directions and a Schedule

No remote employee should be sitting in their home office wondering what they’re supposed to do on their first day.

Instead, provide each new hire with a schedule of onboarding events and webcasts as well as directions for tasks or forms to fill out. This keeps the employee engaged and motivated throughout the entire process.

3. Schedule Time for One-on-One Conversations with New Hires

Virtual onboarding experiences can be overwhelming and lonely for new hires if not executed correctly. Be sure to schedule plenty of time for individual check-ins via video conferencing! These check-ins will help the new hires feel confident about their decision to join your team and comfortable reaching out with questions or concerns throughout the process.

4. Provide Insight Into Company Culture

The first day at a new job is scary! Don’t overload your new remote employees with boring processes, software, and other “business as usual” information all on the first day. Spread that information out across several days and fill the remaining time with insight into the company’s culture!

Schedule time for the new employees to video chat with their team members, discover more about the company’s values and mission, and participate in other company traditions.

5. Encourage Questions

Make sure you encourage new employees to ask as many questions as they need to feel comfortable with their new job. These questions can be asked during your one-on-one video check-ins, in emails, or in company chat channels.

By embracing these questions and providing prompt answers, you show new hires that your company is eager to have them onboard even from afar!

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