Four Problems with Online Meetings and How to Solve Them

Four Problems with Online Meetings and How to Solve Them

As online meetings become the new normal for businesses across the globe, many are quick to adopt new video conferencing and webcasting platforms. But, just like an in-person meeting, teams can run into a myriad of problems when attempting to host an online meeting.

If you run into any of these four common online meeting problems, use our solutions to course-correct and get your meeting back on track.

1. Poor Connections

From audio dropping out halfway through a sentence to dropped calls and poor resolution videos, there is nothing worse than a poor connection for an online meeting. Not only is this difficult for the host to deal with, but it’s also a nuisance for participants attempting to comprehend the meeting content.

Before you host your online event or webcast, it is important to test your microphone, camera, and Internet connection. Make sure everything works properly well before you go live and invite guests into the meeting!

2. Unwanted Guests

Speaking of guests…

Sometimes unwanted guests sneak their way into your online events and meetings. But this doesn’t have to happen!

Instead, utilize security features such as password-protected online meetings and locking the meeting after it begins to ensure that only invited attendees participate.

3. Lack of Agenda or Meeting Outline

Have you ever been in a meeting where the conversation seemed to go in circles? Or, after 30 minutes, nothing productive was discussed?

Every online meeting needs an agenda or conversation outline. Otherwise, the conversation will lead to nowhere, effectively disrupting employees’ productivity levels and derailing project progress.

Instead, draft and distribute an online meeting outline the day before the scheduled meeting time. This gives everyone a chance to review and submit any changes or additions in advance and ensures the conversation is kept on track!

4. Dull Meeting Content

During in-person meetings, it’s fairly obvious when employees become bored and unengaged. This can happen during online meetings too. However, it’s far less apparent when hidden behind a screen.

To keep employees engaged throughout the online meeting, try the following tactics:

  • Queue up pre-recorded audio and video content to switch up the meeting style
  • Utilize interactive features such as chatrooms, Q&A, and polls to allow employees to participate
  • Let employees use the “hand raise” feature to participate in conversations

Ensure your online meetings run without any hiccups by using the features and tools available in GlobalMeet Webcast from PGi!

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