Live Streaming Tips for Savvy Content Creators

Six Live Streaming Tips for Savvy Content Creators

Whether you’re a seasoned live streaming pro or a savvy content creator embracing the power of webcasts and online events, it always helps to be prepared.

Keep our six helpful tips in mind before you go live!

1. Invest in the Right Equipment

Without the right equipment and live streaming software, you’ll have a hard time gaining a loyal following of viewers. Always start by investing in a quality microphone, webcasting/live streaming tool like GlobalMeet by PGi, headphones, and a monitor.

As your live streaming content grows, begin to add equipment to your setup but don’t overcomplicate things! The simpler your setup, the better.

2. Double-Check Your Bandwidth

More important than quality video conferencing and webcast equipment is a strong Internet connection. If possible, connect directly to your Internet source to avoid any mishaps or weak connections.

And, before you go live, always check the strength of your Internet!

3. Test Everything in Advance

There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a webcast and having your equipment fail or your connection drop. That’s why we recommend all content creators give themselves ample time to test everything before going live.

If possible, complete your test the day before and a few hours before your scheduled live stream. This will give you enough time to remedy any problems, if necessary!

4. Be Engaging!

It takes time to feel comfortable and confident in front of a camera. But with a little practice and time, you’ll be an engaging host soon enough!

Start by looking into your camera — not the monitor — when speaking with viewers. This replicates the feeling of eye contact and keeps viewers glued to the screen.

Also, get viewers involved in the live stream through engaging questions. Allow them to either answer in the chatbox or join the live stream to keep the conversation stimulating.

5. Enlist the Help of a Moderator

As your webcast and live online events begin to grow in size, you’ll need the assistance of a moderator to keep everything operating smoothly. From fielding viewer questions to ensuring the right content is queued up, this individual ensures the show functions properly while you entertain the audience.

6. Have a Promotional Plan for Before, During, and After Your Live Stream

The goal of hosting a webcast or a live streaming online event is to get the attention of as many viewers as possible, right? And, you’re likely using this live stream as part of a larger lead generation strategy.

With this in mind, it’s imperative to have a promotional plan in place for before, during, and after the live stream. This includes:

  • Email marketing messages promoting advance webcast registration and for online event follow-ups
  • Social media posts about the upcoming and previously recorded live streams
  • Strategically crafted articles around the event topic
  • Remarketing and display ads for past live stream viewers

Ensure that your promotional plan interacts with viewers before, during, and after the event for a comprehensive strategy.

Put these tips in place for your next successful live stream!

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