Cvent Event Integration for GlobalMeet Webcast

Take Your Online Events to the Next Level with the Cvent Event Integration for GlobalMeet Webcast

Did you hear the news? GlobalMeet Webcast now integrates with the Cvent Event Marketing and Management Platform.

This brand new Cvent integration provides event marketers and managers with a wealth of opportunity, benefits, and features designed to enhance the event experience for all.

Take a look!

What is Cvent?

Cvent is an online event management and marketing platform that provides event professionals with a myriad of digital solutions. From attendee management to budget tracking and beyond, the Cvent software streamlines the entire virtual event process from start to finish.

Cvent’s solutions are built to scale as your events grow and prosper, too. As your events gain popularity and require additional solutions, Cvent’s event platform can help.

And now, with the Cvent integration for GlobalMeet Webcast, your webinars, webcasts, and online events can thrive, too!

4 Core Benefits of Integrating Cvent with GlobalMeet Webcast

For small businesses, non-profit organizations, and large corporations that leverage webinars and webcasts for events, the Cvent integrations are a game changer!

Here’s why:

1. Better Understand the Full Scope of Your Event with Attendee Tracking

Rather than only gaining attendee demographic information through a registration form, Cvent and GlobalMeet Webcast users gain a full understanding of their event’s success through attendee tracking features.

Event managers can search through attendee history and activity on both GlobalMeet Webcast and Cvent to determine how successful their event was with respect to their defined goals.

2. Streamline Event Marketing Communications

By integrating Cvent with GlobalMeet Webcast, event marketers can seamlessly communicate with invitees, registrants, and attendees through personalized and branded experiences.

3. Upgrade Webinar and Online Event Experience

The Cvent integrations for GlobalMeet Webcast enable event managers to amplify the online events and webinar experience for all involved by:

  • Creating microsites for webinars and online events
  • Accepting event payments
  • Collecting vital event and participant data
  • Asking pre-registration questions
  • Automatic attendee info updates

These event upgrades then enable companies to drive their defined business objectives.

4. Focus on Business Objectives, Not Time-Wasting Tasks

Best of all, the Cvent integrations allow companies to focus on their business objectives rather than wasting time on tiny event details. This is accomplished through:

  • Streamlined attendee communications between platforms
  • Complete management of the webcast in Cvent
  • Total access to attendee’s event activity history
  • Elimination of manual data entry
  • Visualization of webinars’ impact on the sales pipeline and closed deals
  • ROI and budget tracking

With more free time, event marketers and managers can focus their attention on creating a successful event for all involved.

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