What Does a Virtual Open House Look Like?

What Does a Virtual Open House Look Like?

Virtual open houses have long been an option available to realtors and buyers alike. Most often used by those relocating to a new state or unable to attend a scheduled tour, virtual tours play a pivotal role in the home buying and selling process.

In light of the 2020 pandemic, however, virtual open houses and tours have become the norm. Realtors are now offering virtual open houses to reduce the amount of contact inside the home. And, buyers are requesting to virtually tour potential homes to ensure their safety as well.

Fortunately, virtual open houses and tours will be used for years to come. Real estate professionals should start investing in virtual tour options such as:

Live-Streaming Open Houses

If you’re planning to host a virtual open house event, live-stream it to your social media accounts.

Interested buyers will flock to your social media accounts to watch and interact with your open house tour in real-time on Facebook, Instagram, and other networks.

However, those who choose this virtual open house option must be charismatic and able to respond in real-time to viewer questions, comments, and concerns.

On-Demand Open House and Tour Webcast

To maximize your listing’s reach, consider hosting an on-demand home tour and open house via a webcast.

This option allows realtors to film a tour in advance and couple it with important content related to the home’s details and pertinent information. This engaging option provides buyers the ability to log on and view the content whenever they desire.

Best of all, the webcast doubles as a lead generation opportunity. If desired, gate the content behind a registration form. Once interested buyers submit their information to view the webcast, you’ve got a lead!

1-on-1 Video Conferences

Instead of streaming to the public, you can offer your clients one-on-one video tours of individual houses. This provides clients the opportunity to speak directly with the realtor about their likes, dislikes, and concerns while keeping a safe distance if necessary.

This option is also ideal for clients relocating to a new state and working with a local realtor. Rather than traveling back and forth several times a month to tour homes, these families can easily video conference in for multiple home tours and real estate open houses each week.

Virtual open houses and home tours are the future of the real estate industry. Embrace live streaming video and on-demand webcasts for real estate success.

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