Five Tips on How to Brand Your Webcast

Why First Impressions Matter: Five Tips on How to Brand Your Webcast

Webcasts form excellent lead generation tools for your organization. They can also help your brand build authority and increase visibility. But an unprofessional webinar can have the opposite effect than what you want — it can erode trust and create a negative impression.

To make a good first impression with your webcast, focus on every element of branding, from the landing page designed for start-ups to your follow up email campaign.

Create a Landing Page that Fits Your Brand

Create a landing page that distinctly and concisely conveys your company’s key selling proposition. From the event logo to the colors used, strive for a consistent design between your webcast promotions and your brand’s main page. People should understand immediately that they are looking at an event created, promoted, and presented by your company so you can get the most branding value out of the event.

Collect All the Right Logos in the Right Formats

Logos that are too small or use the wrong file format may look pixelated or out of place, eroding the clean design of your landing page or your webinar interface. Determine specifications for sponsor logos related to size, shape, and resolution for a clean, consistent look.

Brand the Webcast with the Right Colors, a Dynamic Layout, and User-Friendly Interface

Just as your landing page should match other marketing materials, the actual webcast interface should also support your brand’s style, design, and colors. A consistent design conveys professionalism.

Further, your webcast should feature a dynamic layout to change based on the content you’re presenting.

Finally, make sure the interface is easy, even for those who may not be tech-savvy enough to interact and engage with your content. Interactive polling, Q&A, and on-screen social media feeds make your audience feel like an important part of the event. Make your audience feel valued and heard, and they will leave with a positive impression of your brand.

Practice Your Presentation with a Friend or Trusted Colleague

Even when a beautiful presentation interface is established, human error can ruin that positive first impression and reduce the impact of your webcast. Do a run-through with a friend or trusted colleague to ensure:

  • You know how to use the technology, including screen-share features
  • Your wi-fi connection is up to the task without ping or lag
  • You know the material so you can deliver the presentation cleanly, smoothly, and in an engaging manner

Follow up with a Professional Email Campaign

Once the webcast is over, you’ll want to make the recording available to attendees, as well as those who may have missed it the first time. Statistics show that 25% of people register for a webcast after the live event. Follow up with a short email describing some of the best, most informative moments, and a link to a recording on the webcast landing page you created to promote your event.

Your professionally produced webcast can help you generate leads for years if you continue promoting it through social channels, email marketing, and on your website.

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