Best Practices for Hosting Virtual Town Halls

Best Practices for Hosting Virtual Town Halls: Three Tips You Can Use Today

When your employees can’t all come together for a company-wide meeting, the best solution is to host a virtual town hall event. These events let internal employees hear from corporate management, executives, and other coworkers. Town hall events can also be hosted for external customers for product updates, quarterly financial reports, and more.

No matter why your company chooses to host a virtual town hall, keep these three tips in mind:

1. Make It Seamless

From the webcast registration page to the panel interviews, topic discussions, and webinar content, make sure every aspect of the virtual town hall runs seamlessly. Your internal employees and external customers expect the town hall to run without disruptions or technical errors.

With this in mind, be sure to select a webcast tool that you can trust and test all video, audio, and supplemental content before going live!

2. Make It Interactive

Your employees want to connect with the company and its ongoing initiatives. Make this possible by hosting an interactive town hall online event.

Webcasting technology makes this possible through:

  • Q&A features
  • Polling options
  • Chat rooms
  • Screen sharing
  • Ability to “raise hand” and participate

Allowing employees to interact with the speakers will keep them engaged in company projects, initiatives, and goals. And, no one wants to attend a virtual town hall only to stare at a screen for an hour!

3. Make It Fun

Sure, town halls do have to cover serious topics like company progress, financial reports, new projects, and more. But be sure to also find avenues for fun throughout the online event!

From recognizing employees for their hard work and accomplishments to showcasing the latest products and campaigns, there are several ways to make your town hall events fun for all who join.

For companies running a virtual town hall for external customers, fun options can include exclusive campaign and product sneak peeks, contests, Q&A sessions, and more. Get creative!

Use GlobalMeet Webcast for Your Virtual Town Hall

When hosting a virtual town hall, it’s important to use reliable and secure webcast software. GlobalMeet Webcast software from PGi ensures a seamless, interactive, and fun virtual town hall experience for all. Try it out!

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