Engaging Investors from a Distance

Engaging Investors from a Distance

“The more things change, the more they stay the same, and that goes for the top tips in terms of planning a roadshow, virtual or otherwise.” – Lisa Traeger, Corporate Relationship Officer and Partner, Atlantic Equities

According to website Investopedia, a non-deal roadshow is when “companies travel across the country to talk to investors even when they aren’t going public…executives hold discussions with current and potential investors, but no equity or debt security is offered.” Which was all well and good until the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly the “road” in roadshow was no longer a safe, conducive approach. Adapting to virtual platforms became critical for engaging investors.

In a dynamic end-of-year panel discussion moderated by Tim Human, Senior Editor of IR magazine, a power trio of virtual event stakeholders – PGi’s Andrew Denlow, Hilton Worldwide Holdings’ Jill Slattery, and Atlantic Equities LLP’s Lisa Traeger – shared their virtual non-deal roadshow experiences. They revealed their unique ways of producing effective win-wins despite the inability to meet on-site. One key takeaway? Time management for virtual non-deal roadshows can be deceptively tricky. Do not assume booking full digital calendar hours will leave time for personal health necessities like bathroom breaks to occur.

Fortunately, we recorded this discussion for your convenience. Producing a non-deal roadshow or other virtual event? For strong information security, professional service and ace technical support, PGi is here for you and your stakeholders.

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