Hive Streaming: What is It and Why You Need It

Hive Streaming: What is It and Why You Need It

Hive Streaming integrates with GlobalMeet Webcast

This integration is an excellent opportunity for businesses to grow their online events and webcast audiences at scale without disrupting enterprise networks.

Check it out.

What is Hive Streaming?

Hive Streaming is a video streaming platform designed to help enterprises securely deliver high-quality streaming video to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Through this platform, you have access to detailed user analytics and event reporting along with professional streaming support from Hive’s team of streaming experts.

Best of all, the platform does all of this and more without straining your network. Hive Streaming works to deliver the best quality video regardless of a user’s location, network, or bandwidth.

It integrates seamlessly with GlobalMeet Webcast!

How Hive Streaming Integrates with GlobalMeet Webcast

GlobalMeet Webcast provides the platform for companies to schedule and plan events using the Hive Streaming software. The embedded player within GlobalMeet Webcast allows businesses to then enable viewing and playback on a Hive Streaming channel or event. However, all live and on-demand video is accessed on the Hive Agent from a viewer’s device of choice.

Why Your Business Needs to Leverage the Hive Streaming and GlobalMeet Webcast Integration

Simply put, if you’re streaming live and on-demand webcast events to hundreds of thousands of people, you need to have the peace of mind knowing that your event is secure and producing high-quality video for every participant. With this integration, you can have confidence knowing your large online event is safe, secure, and streaming just fine.

You won’t need to worry about bandwidth or upgrading your enterprise network to handle the streaming video. Hive Streaming’s peer-to-peer solution makes sure your event streams perfectly on every device, from tablets to laptops and beyond.

Plus, with in-depth reporting and event analytics from Hive Streaming, you’ll know what worked well and what can be improved for your next events.

Schedule a GlobalMeet Webcast and Hive Streaming Demo

Think this integration can take your online events and webcasts to the next level? It can.

Schedule your demo today and learn how to scale your events seamlessly with GlobalMeet Webcast and Hive Streaming.

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