oid Straining Your Network When Live Streaming

How to Avoid Straining Your Network When Live Streaming

There is nothing worse than the build-up to a large, live online event, only to experience network failures. This experience not only disrupts your event, but it also puts a damper on your brand’s reputation when webcast participants have trouble viewing your content. If you’re concerned about potential network errors and failures—which online event and webcast producers should be—keep these tips in mind for a smooth streaming experience.

1. Test Your Bandwidth in Advance

The number one failure among businesses starting to live stream events is a lack of network testing beforehand. Before you go live, be sure to test everything from video and audio quality to your connection to ensure a positive event or webcast experience for viewers.

2. Have a Back-Up Plan

In the case of a network emergency, it is always imperative to have a back-up plan. Document and test this back-up plan in advance as well. The last thing you want to do is to have that stream fail as well! Make sure everyone on your online event team understands the back-up plan and their role in getting the content live again.

3. Use the GlobalMeet Webcast and Hive Streaming Integration

To avoid network failures and headaches altogether, use the GlobalMeet Webcast and Hive Streaming integration for your upcoming webinars, webcasts, and online events. This end-to-end integration helps companies broadcast live and on-demand streaming video content to massive audiences without negatively impacting the corporate network. The solution connects to Hive Streaming, which enables the embedded player within GlobalMeet Webcast. From here, attendees can view or playback the event on their own devices without straining their networks as well! The Hive Streaming integration also provides advanced event reporting and analytics for companies to review before, during, and after their live event. This data can come in handy when preparing for the next webcast or webinar. Plus, you’ll take advantage of Hive Streaming’s top security and expert team to ensure that your streaming online event is safe, secure, and tested before going live!

Say Goodbye to Straining Your Enterprise Network!

Request your GlobalMeet Webcast and Hive Streaming demo today and discover how this integration can help scale and secure your online events, webinars, and webcasts.


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