How to Throw a Virtual End of Year Party for Your Coworkers

How to Throw a Virtual End of Year Party for Your Coworkers

During any other year, companies would flock to breakrooms, restaurants, and hotel conference rooms to celebrate the end of the year. Complete with food, drinks, games, music, and so much fun, employees look forward to these parties every year. But as we all know, 2020 is no such year. This year and into the future, virtual end of year parties are the best (and only) option. These virtual gatherings keep morale high heading into the new year and, most importantly, help employees stay healthy. We’ll be throwing a virtual party for our employees this year and wanted to share our ideas with you! Consider adding these fun ideas to your end of year video conferencing call.

1. Game On!

Your end of year party shouldn’t feel like another meeting. Skip the small talk and the presentations and jump into some virtual games! From virtual escape rooms and teamwork puzzles to hilarious at-home scavenger hunts, there are a ton of different, exciting games your team can enjoy while participating from afar.

2. Send a Care Package

Your company would pay for food and drinks at a normal holiday or end of year party, right? Extend the same gesture to your employees at home! Send care packages filled with little company gifts, a drink or two, and even some snacks. And, you can keep the fun going by instructing employees not to open their care packages until the virtual party. That way, everyone can be surprised together!

3. End of the Year Awards and Recognition

Typically, our companies might use the end of the year party to give out traditional awards such as “Employee of the Year.” Don’t eliminate tradition solely because you can’t be in the same room! Your employees work hard toward achieving these awards, so be sure to include them in your virtual party as well. Also, take time to recognize your staff’s accomplishments and hard work during such a turbulent year. A little acknowledgment and gratitude go a long way, especially during 2020!

Set Your End of Year Virtual Party Up for Success

For companies with a lot of employees, the key to a successful virtual party is the right webcasting and video conferencing platform. With so many employees logging on at once, you need a tool that can handle the sheer number of users while also being secure and interactive. Try our PGi’s GlobalMeet platform for your upcoming virtual party!

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