Webcasting Technology to Fuel the Funnel

How Top-Performing Marketing Groups Use Webcasting Technology to Fuel the Funnel

Marketers have a myriad of lead generation tools at their disposal. From SEO tactics to PPC ads, email marketing messages, and social media campaigns, there are endless forms of strategies designed to capture the attention of potential leads. Top marketers also use these tactics to promote their upcoming webcasts, which are used to direct potential leads into the marketing funnel. Are you ready to use webcasts to generate qualified leads and overall business growth for your business? Follow these tips!

How to Attract Leads through Webcasts

The buyer’s journey begins at the top of the funnel. At this point, potential customers are in the research phase and are on the hunt for more information about your product, service, or brand. With this in mind, start by hosting webcasts on topics relevant to your customer’s needs. For instance, if you sell accounting software, host a webcast about topics like basic accounting practices, the accounting terms you need to know to run a business, and so on. Doing so will not only attract qualified leads, but it will also position your brand as an expert in the industry on these topics. And, everyone wants to invest in products/services from experts, right? Also, consider partnering with a relevant, industry-adjacent brand. Partnering on a webcast opens up your potential audience reach by at least double!

Two Easy Ways to Convert Webcast Attendees Into Paying Customers

The work doesn’t end once you’ve generated a few webcast registrations. Now it’s time to convert webcast participants into customers. Use these quick tips to direct leads through your marketing funnel and transform them into paying customers.

1. Send Post-Event Surveys

Post-event surveys open the door to meaningful conversations with leads. Use these surveys as a means for inviting webcast participants to submit their feedback. Then, follow up! Following up shows potential customers that you care about their experiences and want to use their insight to improve future webcasts. From here, you can transition the conversation into talking about your product or service and how it can benefit them.

2. Make Webcasts Interactive

If you fail to make your webcasts and online events engaging, leads will never make it through the marketing funnel. Instead, they’ll hop off right after (or during) the webcast. Use interactive features like chat rooms, polls, and Q&A options to keep participants involved in the webcast or conversation. By implementing these quick conversion tactics, you’ll enjoy the benefits of using webcasts as a means of fueling your marketing funnel.

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