7 Questions to Ask in Your Post-Virtual Event Survey

Seven Questions to Ask in Your Post-Virtual Event Survey

After you wrap up a big webinar, webcast, or online event, it’s tempting to sit back and relish in the success of the event. But your work isn’t over yet!

Now it’s time to craft and send the post virtual event survey. This survey will help you gather valuable insight from participants about their experiences, what your team can improve, and what they’d like to see for the next event.

When putting together your post-event survey, make sure to include some or all of these important questions.

1. How Satisfied Were You With the Event?

This basic question is often answered on a scale from 1-10. The results will help you quickly gauge how successful or unsuccessful the event was.

2. Why Did You Attend the Event?

In addition to helping you qualify leads, this question provides insight into what attracted attendees to your event. Perhaps it was the speakers on the interview panel, the topics discussed, or the technology demonstrated.

3. Do You Plan to Return to This Event in the Future?

Imagine putting together this event again, only for no one to attend. That’d be awful, right? Well, you could have avoided that situation by asking past participants if they plan to return to your online events in the future.

This measures how well the event went and how deep of a connection you created with that attendee.

4. Can You Describe Your Event Experience for Us? What Did You Like/Not Like?

This qualitative question will help your team understand which aspects of the event resonated the most with the audience. Use the feedback from these answers to better build out your next event.

5. How Can We Improve Future Webcasts, Webinars, and Online Events?

Allowing attendees to affect the outcome of future events with their feedback is a powerful tool. First, because it provides your team with a firsthand look at what your participants want from future events.

Second, because it increases the likelihood of attendees returning to your events! By actively including participants in the planning process, they’ll feel like they had a hand in putting the event together and will sign up to attend.

6. What Topics/Segments Would You Like to See Covered/Included in Future Events?

Eliminate the guesswork from event planning and use participant feedback to build out your next online event.

7. Can We Schedule a More Personalized Demo Customized for Your Business?

Lastly, always include a lead generation question! On top of lead opportunities during the event, this question can generate additional demand for and interest in your product.

What post-event survey questions have worked well for your business?

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