Four Reasons Why Recording Webcasts is Essential for Business

Four Reasons Why Recording Webcasts is Essential for Business

In 2020, online meetings, virtual events, and live videos won the Internet. With the majority of the workforce working from home, teams had to quickly adapt and embrace live streaming technology to keep their companies running.

While live streaming will continue to be at the forefront of 2021 and beyond, there is one major flaw: not everyone can attend a live event.

Between conflicting schedules, different time zones, and other obstacles, it’s incorrect to assume that everyone can attend the same live event or meeting time.

This is why companies should always record webcasts, online events, and meetings. Take a look at four major reasons why your team needs to start recording webcasts today:

1. Recorded High-Performing Webcasts and Online Events Can Be Used as a Lead Generation and Brand Awareness Tool

By recording all of your webcasts and online events, you’re able to use the highest performing events as lead generation tools for your products, services, and future events.

Keep the recorded content streaming on-demand on your website. But, for interested audience members to gain access to the webcast, they must provide their email address.

Or, if brand awareness is the goal, optimize the webcast for your YouTube channel and other social media platforms.

2. Create Bite-Sized Social Media Content from Previous Webcasts

Coming up with consistently engaging social media content is difficult. But, when you have a full library of recorded webcast content to peruse, you have a world of possibilities at your fingertips.

Create short, impactful social media clips and stories using the content from previously recorded webcasts and online events. Not only does this attract new and existing fans, but it also encourages them to sign up for your upcoming events.

3. Recorded Webcasts and Meetings Benefit Your Internal Teams

Finding a time when everyone in your remote workforce can meet can be a challenge. By recording all of your company meetings and distributing them to those unable to attend, you ensure everyone is always on the same page and receives the same information.

Additionally, with a library of past meeting content, you can always refer back to prior meeting discussions for clarification or direction.

And, the content pulled from these recorded meetings can also be used to train new hires on internal processes, lingo, and more.

4. Improve Registration for Future Events

Need to drive registration for upcoming webcasts and online events? Give interested participants a sneak peek of what they can expect by sharing the recordings of past events and webinars.

They’ll be intrigued by what they see and will sign up!

Pro Tip: Use the Right Webcasting and Live Streaming Tool

Of course, there wouldn’t be a webcast, webinar, or online event to record if you don’t have the right tool. Rely on GlobalMeet from PGi for all your webcasting needs.

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