Four Tips to Increase Registration Turnout for Your Online Event

Four Tips to Increase Registration Turnout for Your Online Event

This won’t be a shocker to most people, but without a good turnout… you won’t have a successful online event!

Why put all the effort into developing an event and organizing the logistics if no one plans to attend?

Registration is the most important and difficult aspect of planning a virtual event in 2020 and beyond.

To ensure that your event has a fantastic turnout, put our registration tips into action!

1. Make Registering Simple

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting excited about signing up for a virtual event, only to be met with a complicated registration process. From filling out endless forms to waiting for confirmation emails, registration can be a real drag for participants.

Instead, make the registration process simple! Start by requiring their name and email address to register and attend an event.

If desired, the registrant can then log in to their respective profile and provide further information such as:

  • Phone Number
  • Job Title
  • Company Name
  • Event/Topic Interests

Simplifying the process ensures that you drive up registration numbers without scaring off potential attendees with too many registration requests.

2. Provide Multiple Registration Access Points

What good is a registration strategy if your audience can’t find the registration page?

Having a registration distribution strategy is vital to the success of your online event. Be sure your market can find the registration page by distributing it to the following areas:

  • Website banners/pop-ups
  • Blog CTAs
  • Social media posts
  • Email marketing banners
  • PPC ads

Ensuring that customers have ample ways to learn about the online event and instantly register is key!

3. Rely on Email Marketing Campaigns

According to Bizzabo, 39% of event marketers believe email marketing is the most effective channel for promoting events.

From the event announcement email to personal messages to previous event attendees, there are endless ways to leverage email marketing as part of your registration strategy.

4. Create Excitement

To increase registration numbers, you need to create a buzz around your event!

Make your audience feel as though they have to be there or they’ll miss out. The excitement will lead to a guaranteed boost in registration.

Start by sharing relevant links and event teasers on social media and in email marketing efforts. Next, include testimonials from former event attendees discussing how much they learned, what they enjoyed, and what they got out of the event. This social proof will be the push people need to sign up for your upcoming virtual event!

With these four tips in place, you’ll be able to meet your event registration goals without a problem.

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