Four Town Hall Ideas to Re-Energize Your Client-Base in 2021

Four Town Hall Ideas to Re-Energize Your Client-Base in 2021

When you work at a large company or a business with employees located across the globe, all-hands meetings—also known as town-hall meetings—are an effective way to energize employees, distribute pertinent information, and receive feedback.

This same concept can be applied to communicating and interacting with clients in 2021.

To keep your client base energized, active, and relying on your company’s products and services for years to come, consider implementing any of these four town hall ideas:

1. Ask for Client Feedback

Although your products and services deliver results for your clients, there’s far more to the client/brand relationship than the end result. From communication with employees to delivering contracts, every interaction with a client is part of the total relationship.

In a town-hall-style meeting with clients, ask them how your company can improve to enhance the professional relationship with their business.

Doing so ensures that clients feel heard, valued, and integral to the success of your business.

2. Provide Clients with Company Updates

If your company makes significant process, personnel, or structure changes that will affect your products, services, and/or client results, they need to be informed as fast and as accurately as possible.

Rather than sending out a hastily worded email, gather your clients for a town-hall meeting. Use this opportunity to explain the changes to customers, what they can expect, and how your company plans to implement these next steps.

By being open and transparent and inviting clients in to discuss the changes, you once again make them feel like a valuable part of your company—which they are!

3. Host Educational Events

Town-hall meetings don’t have to be limited to company-related content. You can also use this style of virtual or in-person event to provide educational opportunities for your clients.

From panel interviews of industry experts to informative webcasts, there are endless educational opportunities you can provide for your customers.

And, in doing so, clients will continue to view your company as an imperative resource for their business!

4. Celebrate Client Success

In addition to inviting clients to provide feedback, receive company updates, and learn more from industry experts, host an annual town-hall meeting to celebrate client successes.

Focusing your attention on clients and their accomplishments, whether via webcast or online event, proves to them that your company cares.

As a result, they’ll continue to choose your business over the competition, which leads to an increase in secured revenue for your company and reduced client churn! A win-win as we move into 2021.

To ensure that your client town hall meetings run smoothly, rely on a secure, seamless webcast software like GlobalMeet Webcast. Try it out for your next all-hands meeting.

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