Innovating Your Online Events for Lead Generation in 2021

Innovating Your Online Events for Lead Generation in 2021

Due to the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, companies switched from live, in-person events to fully online events to ensure their employees’ and attendees’ safety and health. With this trend continuing into the known future, companies are now forced to be innovative with their event offerings to remain competitive and top of mind with consumers. After reflecting on and reinvesting in what worked for your company’s online events in 2020, consider adding these lead generation tactics for your 2021 online event lineup:

Personalize the Event Experience from Start to Finish

All too often, event attendees are reduced to a number or a name on a laminated tag. While they may make some connections and walk away with new knowledge and resources, the event likely won’t seem tailored to their needs. To combat this in 2021, aim to personalize the entire event experience from start to finish. This can be as simple as including attendees’ names and information in email marketing campaigns and webcast notifications. Or, companies can take personalization to the next level by tailoring a participant’s schedule to their interests and using artificial intelligence to recommend event content based on their business’ needs.

Embrace Video Conferencing Opportunities

Although a driver of business and engagement for brands, virtual events and meetings can be impersonal for participants. Rather than meeting new people, they’re logging on from the comfort of their home and staring at a screen. With this in mind, companies should seek out opportunities to leverage video conferencing as part of their online events—especially when lead generation is the goal. These “face-to-face” interactions with your brand, the speakers, and the event sponsors/vendors help participants gain the personal connection they seek out at in-person events. By offering video conferencing breakout rooms or one-on-one meetings with your team, you increase your likelihood of converting a participant into a qualified lead.

Optimize the Follow-Up

When it comes to lead generation from online events, it’s all about the follow-up interaction. An email or phone call can make or break a lead. Start by reviewing the lead’s event activity. What sessions did they attend? How did they interact with the event and brand online? Did they connect with any other participants or sponsors? With the increased online event competition in 2021, companies should seek to innovate their follow-up practices to best resonate and fulfill the needs of the event attendee. Consider what this would look like for your brand and industry.

Invest in Webcast Technology You Can Trust

Of course, the most innovative thing a company can do for its online event strategy in 2021 is to invest in a secure webcast and virtual event platform like GlobalMeet Webcast. Take a look at how GlobalMeet Webcast can benefit your business!


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