The Future of Online Events in 2021 and Beyond

The Future of Online Events in 2021 and Beyond

It’s 2021, and events are still being held primarily online. While everyone had hoped this wouldn’t be the case, the COVID-19 pandemic is still causing companies worldwide to rethink their internal operations and client-facing events.

According to several studies, the number of organizations planning virtual events nearly doubled in 2020. And, as workforces continue to telecommute and grow their remote teams, tools such as webcasts and virtual events are here to stay.

What can companies expect from online events in 2021 and beyond? Creative human resources teams, a focus on internal communications, and a strong focus on personalized virtual events for teams and clients alike!

Human Resources Teams Will Continue to Embrace Virtual Events Technology

Long gone are the days of office tours and in-person onboarding training sessions. Instead, human resource departments are focused on developing interactive virtual training sessions for new and existing employees.

As your team navigates 2021, look for ways to incorporate live-streaming and on-demand webinars for your team. From hosting a webcast detailing new insurance policies to welcoming new team members to the company with a company-wide video meeting, HR teams can pivot their tasks to embrace a remote workforce.

Also, consider finding ways to boost company morale through virtual events, like happy hours or game nights, too!

An Ongoing Focus on Internal Communications

With most teams now working from home, internal communications within organizations play a larger role than ever. Instead of relying on hastily worded emails or Slack messages, teams must look for tools to streamline their communications and processes.

While video conference meetings are ideal for face-to-face communication, companies can also leverage on-demand webcasts to distribute information to the entire company, specific teams, or company stakeholders.

When communicating with your teams, be sure to always use clear and concise language. Without communicating face-to-face, as you would in an office, information can get misconstrued if not communicated properly!

Virtual Events Will Lead the Way in 2021

In 2020, we got to experience a few months of in-person events, client meetings, and conferences. This won’t be the case in 2021.

Companies are embracing virtual events like never before this year! Even if in-person events are soon allowed, participants will still be wary of attending—even though they crave social interaction.

Throughout 2021 and beyond, companies will take advantage of the many opportunities virtual events provide. Companies should look for opportunities to personalize the online event experience for guests through individualized event tracks, personalized emails, and a plethora of interactive event features.

For companies that use events to identify new leads, use virtual events as an opportunity to showcase your value to prospective enterprise clients! From one-on-one video meetings to a wealth of educational webcast content, the sky’s the limit.

How does your company plan on embracing the future of online events in 2021?

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