Three Ways to Use Webcasts to Run a Human Resources Department Effectively

Three Ways to Use Webcasts to Run a Human Resources Department Effectively

The 2020 global pandemic caused a drastic shift in workforce habits, forcing companies to adopt new practices to accommodate the remote workforce, such as hiring new employees via virtual interviews and transforming industry conferences to virtual events.

However, with 80% of company leaders reportedly allowing employees to work from home post-pandemic, human resources departments must fully transition to leveraging webcasts, video conferencing, and other technology to run their department effectively.

And, even if your team plans on gathering in-person after the pandemic is long gone, this technology can still streamline traditional HR processes, leading to a more productive department overall.

Implementing webcasts and video conferencing tools can benefit an HR department in the following three ways:

1. Hiring

Finding and interviewing the right candidates is arguably one of the most time-consuming parts of running an HR department. However, leveraging webcasts can speed up the entire process.

Offer interested applicants access to on-demand webcasts explaining your company’s hiring processes, internal structure, and culture. This webcast content will help pre-screen individuals and ensure that those who best fit your company’s needs apply.

Of course, hosting interviews over a video conferencing tool is a necessity when hiring a remote workforce!

2. Employee Onboarding & Training

Traditionally, the employee onboarding experience was in-person, complete with a tour of the office and personal introductions to new coworkers.

However, human resource departments must now develop an engaging virtual onboarding experience by using live-streaming webcasts and one-on-one video conferencing meetings.

Having onboarding processes delivered via webcast and video meeting allows employees to fully absorb all the new information being sent their way.

Additionally, future employee training opportunities can also be available via live webcasts. This content can be recorded and on-demand for employees to review as needed and ensures that no employee misses out on vital information due to a scheduling or time zone conflict.

3. Internal Communications

Delivering company-wide information can be a challenge. From insurance and benefits updates to new company policies, the entire company needs to know this new information, and a lengthy email may cause employees to gloss over crucial details.

Instead, rely on webcasting software like GlobalMeet Webcast to seamlessly deliver content to your entire company. Employees can access the information at their leisure and have the opportunity to thoroughly review the new policies, company updates, or other related content.

How has your human resources department embraced webcasts to improve efficiency and accommodate a remote workforce?

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