Why Operator-Assisted Online Events Are Essential to Enterprise Success

Why Operator-Assisted Online Events Are Essential to Enterprise Success

The shift to virtual events has widely been a positive one for companies across the globe due to the opportunity to reach larger audiences.

Recent studies have shown that 80% of marketers agree that greater audience reach is the most positive effect they’ve experienced in their transition to online events.

But with larger event audiences comes larger responsibilities! Your organization must now provide a seamless and interactive online event experience with no technical errors. No pressure, right?

Fortunately, companies can rely on operator-assisted online event services to guarantee every virtual conference, interview series, or other online event is a success.

What are Operator-Assisted Events?

An operator-assisted event relies on a team of virtual event professionals ready to make sure your event runs smoothly, attendees are satisfied, and all questions are handled.

When you use the operator-assisted events service from PGi, you’ll receive:

  • A secure network to reach participants around the globe
  • Personalized events to meet your organization’s needs
  • Comprehensive reporting features
  • Non-stop customer support

With all of this in your back pocket, you can focus on what matters: making your event a fun and engaging experience for clients and leads alike.

3 Benefits of Operator-Assisted Online Events

Here are some of the advantages you’ll gain with operator-assisted online events:

1. Positive Attendee Experience

We’ve all logged on to virtual industry conferences, only to experience technical errors, poor connections, and a confusing event interface.

An operator-assisted online event helps ensure these headaches never happen! Your attendees will have access to customer support to troubleshoot any of their connection or navigation problems and get back to the online event in no time.

2. Peace of Mind

You have enough on your plate already! Stop worrying about every little event detail. Let PGi’s team take care of the details instead.

With an operator-assisted event, you can sit back, relax, and focus on providing your clients with the experience they came for.

3. Fully Managed Events from Beginning to End

Your operator-assisted events team is there for you before, during, and after your virtual event. From answering all of your questions about event security to analyzing the results, you’ll have a team of events experts to collaborate with every step of the way.

And, this fully-managed experience puts your team in a position to focus on providing enterprise clients with an unparalleled event.

Hosting a Virtual Event? Make Sure You’ve Got PGi on Your Side.

Don’t host a large, enterprise-level alone. Let PGi’s operator-assisted online events team help make your event a success.

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