Educate Your Customers: Reduce Churn by Being Transparent

Educate Your Customers: Reduce Churn by Being Transparent

Think about how many sales emails or advertisements you see in a day. Between scrolling through social media ads and sending endless emails to the junk folder, we as consumers are inundated with sales attempts practically 24/7.

The last thing we want is to be sold to by yet another brand or sales representative. Instead, we seek out educational opportunities and value in our personal and professional lives.

Rather than focusing on the hard sell every step of the way, look for opportunities to proactively educate your customers. These opportunities are plentiful when you host webcasts and online events for clients!

Why the Hard Sell No Longer Works

After years of being buried in TV ads and spammy sales phone calls from pushy agents, customers can see right through the hard sell now. The aggressive, rushed approach to sales of all kinds is no longer an option.

Plus, customers have more options than ever before. If your team is focused on only the sale and not the well-being or growth of its client base, they’ll choose one of your competitors over you in a heartbeat.

Rather than using outdated hard-selling tactics, train your sales team to educate customers first. Education can be delivered in the form of sharing valuable resources, registering clients for webcasts, or even hosting private virtual or in-person training sessions for your products/services.

Customers Want to Buy From Companies They Trust

Who would you rather buy from: some sales agent who cold-called you or someone you already trust?

Customers don’t want to purchase products or services from a company they do not trust. And using the hard sale method is a surefire way to ensure they do not trust you.

Build trust with potential customers and existing clients by providing exceptional educational value. By hosting webcasts and online events related to topics that interest or bring value to your audience, you demonstrate your expertise on the subject and that you care about their education and success!

Education Leads to Decreased Customer Churn

As a result of this transparency and ongoing education, you’ll notice a decline in customer turnover. Customers will continue to use your products and services because of the perceived value and education they receive from your business.

The formula for satisfied clients is simple: (Education * Value) + Trust = Long-Term Customer

Of course, you can’t execute this formula unless you have the right webcast software to deliver your educational content. Trust GlobalMeet Webcast from PGi to provide a webcasting experience you and your customers can both rely on!

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