Four Functional Ways to Use Webcasts in Every Business

Four Functional Ways to Use Webcasts in Every Business

To operate efficiently and effectively as a distributed team, remote workforces rely on a series of tools and resources such as webcasts and video conferencing.

Outside of delivering virtual events, webcasts serve a myriad of purposes across an organization.

Take a look at four functional ways of using webcasts in your business.

1. Human Resources

The human resources department is responsible for managing employees at every stage of their employment within the organization and ensuring they have what they need to thrive within their assigned role.

From start to finish, human resources is the first and last department an employee interacts with. For remote and in-office teams, webcasts can help make the transitions easy with live and on-demand streaming content for:

  • Onboarding activities
  • Training
  • Town hall meetings
  • Sharing company-wide information

Whether you need to communicate changes to the insurance policy or new processes, employees can interact with that content on a streaming webcast at their leisure.

2. Internal Collaboration

When there’s no conference room to meet in, how do your employees collaborate on projects?

Interactive webcasts are an excellent way for teams of all sizes and locations to collaborate. Through engaging features such as polls, chat rooms, Q&A options, and more, employees can participate in a creative way from anywhere in the world.

Plus, when you host a company-wide town hall meeting, a webcast is an effective way to gain employee participation.

3. Marketing & Sales

Webcasts can also be used as a marketing and sales tool. Consider hosting educational webinars about related industry topics as a lead generation magnet.

Or, offer ongoing training webinars for your clients as an extra value on top of what your product/service already provides. This additional value works to strengthen your existing customer relationships and builds trust among new clients.

4. Customer Support

To reduce overhead and labor costs and improve customer support processes, companies can rely on on-demand streaming webcasts to deliver support information to customers.

For instance, rather than staying on hold with a customer service representative, a customer can log-on to the webinar and walk through the troubleshooting steps in real-time—all without needing a live service rep.

Trust GlobalMeet for Your Organization’s Webcasting Needs

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